I am an XM subscriber, and I am very disappointed. Many of my friends and family members have XM Radio in their vehicles, and they are extremely disappointed. After a decision enforced in the past day or two, XM Radio has removed Fox News Talk Radio from their channel line up. This is the cause of our disappointment, and we will likely be canceling their subscriptions.

I wanted to do something about this. I tweeted about XM’s removal of Fox News Talk from their lineup, and it generated nearly 20 re-tweet, including re-tweets by individuals with over 200,000 followers. I asked people to call Sirius XM Radio and tell them that they will cancel if Fox News Talk isn’t put back on the air, and people have fallen through with this communication (Although I do not credit myself with it, people were telling XM long before my tweets).

I called XM and I told them I plan on canceling if they do not bring back Fox News Talk. Fox News posted a Facebook status about this, asking their fans to call Sirius XM and tell them their disappointment. Thousands of people have already canceled their subscriptions, and when I called XM Radio, I had the following conversation:

“Hi, I am very disappointed with XM’s recent decision to cancel Fox News Talk from your lineup, and am considering canceling my subscription. I am requesting that you pass my concern up to management before I decide if I wish to cancel.”
The lady on the other end proceeds to tell me all about the other news channels.
“Also, just out of curiosity, how many of the people you’ve talked to today have called about XM’s removal of Fox News Talk?”
“Well, to tell you the truth, the extreme majority of the people I’ve talked to today had called with a concern similar to yours.”

I called again, and spoke with somebody different. We had a similar conversation, and her answer to the final question was as follows:

“I’ve only talked to five people all day who weren’t calling about Fox News.”

I am asking all of my viewers a question, do you stand with Fox News?

I do.

If you do, please call this number (1-866-528-7474) and tell them what you think.