Al Gore has sold his failing cable network, Current TV, to Al-Jazeera yesterday for a reported sum of $400 Million dollars. The news service funded by the Emir of Qatar has been seeking a way to crash into America′s television market. Current TV has been available in some 60 million American homes, though audiences average less than 1% of that, about 42,000 viewers. Time Warner Cable has announced that it will drop the network from their service, scratching some 9 million homes off the list. Al-Jazeera, known for providing Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic groups and mullahs a voice, may clean house discarding the ultra-Left Wing line up of Current TV hosts like Joy Behar, Jennifer Granholm, Eliot Spitzer, Bill Press and Stephanie Miller. Gore, along with his partners, Joel Hyatt and Ron Burkle, may walk away with a cool $100 Million in profit. Glenn Beck tried to buy Current TV, but his offer was rejected.

current tv

There has already been an attempt to break into the American market with Al-Jazeera English. But that went nowhere, so now the government of Qatar will bring us Al-Jazeera America. A 24-hour news network to compete against Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. Gore and Hyatt have issued statements sugar-coating the sale, praising Al-Jazeera for winning many ′esteemed′ awards in ′journalism′, such as the Huffington Post Ultimate Media Gamechanger Award. Yeah…, RIGHT!

Frankly, I will be pleased if Al-Jazeera does go ahead and fires the entire Current TV line-up and replaces them. Maybe they will bring us one or both the Max Keiser programs, which would be pretty cool. But beyond that, I really do not see the grass being any greener. For starters, viewing audiences for all of the cable news networks has declined since the elections were concluded. Fox News Channel, the largest, naturally took the biggest hit. Sean Hannity has lost about half of his audience. Will he go the way of Glenn Beck and start his own Internet channel? Even the Leprechaun, Bill O′Reilly, lost almost a third of his viewers, but even then still remains Number One in his prime-time slot with larger audiences than CNN and MSNBC combined. FNC has been active lately in promoting its hip-hit replacement show for Beck, ′The Five′, which features the patented Greg Gutfeld concept of a ′leg chair′, usually occupied by the very leggy Kimberly Guilfoyle. YUM!!!

The sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera is the big news of the day. Al Gore and his partners sold their failing network for $400 Million dollars and expect to make a $100 Million dollar profit while giving Al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists more access in the United States. Nice going, Al! Don′t spend it all in one place! The sale has already cost the network 9 million of the 60 million American homes it is available in after Time Warner Cable dropped them. Current TV only had an average audience of about 42,000 viewers as it was. The ultra-Liberal network had screwed the pooch before when it hired Keith Olbermann after his being fired from MSNBC. It did not take very long for Olbermann to get the ax at Current TV. America might one day regret that Glenn Beck was rejected when he tried to buy the network.