As we prepare for New Years Day and say goodbye to 2012, it is time once again to check in with our favorite psychics for their predictions for 2013. The clairvoyant Kit Karson and astrologer Lou Raedwulfe are two of the top mediums from So let us see what they have in store for us as another year is set to begin…

happy new year 2013

Lou seems quite concerned about some retrograde motion, first with Saturn on February 18 followed by Mercury five days later. Uncertainty is the end result with little getting done in the big, marco-world of politics and global economics. He sees the period between March 22 through the 31st as being ripe for some serious drama of historic impact. Pluto begins a retrograde move on April 12, which may spark a period on violence and unrest. Neptune goes retrograde on June 7 which may spawn more natural disasters like some early hurricanes or other severe weather.

Between April 25 and May 25, Lou warns of three eclipses, a Lunar, a Solar followed by a second Lunar, which could spell a ″triple whammy″, particularly in the Middle East. On June 26, Mercury goes into retrograde again, this time for 24 days. Uranus begins a retrograde on July 17 and combined with Neptune and another Mercury reverse, we could see the world economy become very unstable. The last quarter of the year will bring no peace, either as a Lunar eclipse on October 18 followed by another Mercury retrograde on the 21st may spell more political and economic trouble, possibly even a new war! A total Solar eclipse on November 3 may mark the end of a major political leader′s career, possibly in a shocking scandal. We finish the year with Venus going retrograde on December 21 bringing another hit on the global economy.

Kit sees Japan playing a big role in the news for 2013. Their economy may implode as they face more aftershocks from the Fukishima nuclear meltdown. Kit also foresees more earthquakes in the Pacific, from Alaskan and the Aleutian Islands through Japan, Southeast Asia and New Zealand. There will be an increase in earthquakes above 6.0. She also warns of a major airline crash early in the year. Weather-wise, the United States is in for a soaking. Kit sees major flooding causing problems from California to Washington State, possibly involving oil and natural gas pipelines. She also predicts that there will be serious flooding in March in places in America which usually do not suffer from floods. Finally, Kit warns of a new ′virus′ threat.

Pretty grim, huh? Well, that is what our psychics are predicting for 2013. Kit Karson and Lou Raedwulfe of pull no punches and call′em as they see′em. With the new year just a day away it looks like 2013 may be a lot worse than 2012. Politically, economically and weather-wise, we may be in for a long, wet, hard ride this coming year. So batten down the hatches! Or as Admiral Adama would tell Kara ′Starbuck′ Thrace, ″It′s raining, Starbuck, so grab your shotgun and bring the cat in!″ Speaking of cats, watch the video below of two cute kittens escaping from their pen. Happy New Year!