Film maker Oliver Stone and historian Peter Kuznick were interviewed by Russia Today, RT, and the tone was very negative towards Barack Obama. Stone describes America this way, ″It is an Orwellian state.″ As for Obama, Stone says that, ″I think under the disguise of sheep′s clothing he has been a wolf.″ Kuznick and Stone have completed a new series for Showtime, ′The Untold History of the United States.′ The problem they have with Obama is that he has taken the Bush-era, post-9/11 domestic security structure and has reinforced it. Stone says he had ″high hopes″ when Obama was first elected, but now considers the Obama presidency as, ″the second administration that is living outside the law and does not respect the law and foundations of our system an he is a constitutional lawyer, you know.″ Could this be one of the reasons why there is so little enthusiasm for Obama’s second inauguration?

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We all remember what January 20, 2009 was like. Almost two million people stood out in the cold, trashing The Mall with their garbage, while they cheered as Obama misspoke the oath of office. That should have been a warning sign in itself. After a quick redo in the White House, Obama prepared for a wild night of ten inaugural ballroom parties with some 20,000+ guests all their to welcome the new president. His staff raised some $53 Million dollars for the pomp and pageantry.

But for his second term, Obama faces a low key affair. First, he will actually take the oath in private on the 20th with the big public gathering the next day. After which, only two inaugural parties are planned with just over a 1,000 guests total. A far cry from 2009. So what happened? Why does nobody like a president who was reelected?

The answer is simple, of course. Obama has stunk as president during his first term. The economy stinks, our foreign policy stinks and the general attitude in the nation stinks. There is little hope for any real change, unless you consider things getting worse a good idea. Its easy to see where the old hats in Washington politics, like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, were able to control so much of legislative agenda at the beginning of the first term. I suspect that deep down inside, both know that Obama was not qualified to be president and viewed him as merely a rubber stamp.

Just look at the current Fiscal Cliff talks. Harry Reid is really the one calling all the shots right now. He′s been sitting on bills already passed by the House from May through September that would have postponed the deadline now less than 48 hours away. Reid has been sitting on a whole lot of bills, not even allowing them to be discussed, let alone voted on. Yet, he has the gall to call the House of Representatives a dictatorship!

Getting back to Oliver Stone and his criticism of Barack Obama as a ′wolf in sheep′s clothing′, I tend to agree to for different reasons. True, Obama has not only continued the encroachment upon our privacy by expanding the Patriot Act, and seems keen on navigating around any laws or articles of our Constitution that get in his way. That Stone sees the United States as ′Orwellian′ is also understandable. My point is that Obama has been lying to us since he first began his campaign to become president in 2007, billing himself as some sort of moderating force to end partisanship. The truth is, Obama is far more divisive than any other president in history. His true colors are that of a Socialist who has little use for free markets or freedom in general. Maybe this is the real reason why people are not as game to celebrate another four years? Or could it be that the Mayan doomsday prophecies were right all along? According to Mayan astrology, Obama was born under the sign of the jaguar while Romney under the sign of a dog. Since jaguars are more deadly than dogs, Obama′s victory in itself may be the doomsday the Mayans predicted!