Well, it seems that the Mayans may have been wrong, so here are my political predictions for 2013. Some are about elections, some are about DC, some are about the economy, and some are just wild guesses.

1. There are 2 big elections already scheduled for 2013. In New Jersey, Christie will win in a walkover. However, the race in Virginia will be pretty exciting, with Ken Cuccinelli, the state’s Attorney General and a Tea Party favorite, facing off against Terry McAuliffe, a Bill Clinton favorite and fundraiser. Cuccinelli will win a close race, keeping the hopes of Tea Party members alive for one more year.
2. In the Senate, Scott Brown will win the special election to replace John Kerry in Massachusetts. This will bring the Democrats’ majority down to 54, setting up the GOP taking over the majority in 2014.
3. Hillary Clinton will miraculously recover from her ‘concussion’ and will announce her candidacy for President. Most other big name Democrats will decide not to run then. However, Maryland’s Governor, Martin O’Malley will challenge her, and will probably announce that he is considering a run.
4. On the GOP side, a number of big guns will spend most of next year in Iowa and New Hampshire, including Marco Rubio. To the dismay of the media, however, Jeb Bush will choose not to run as a Republican.
5. If Boehner manages to hold on as Speaker of the House, it will merely be an ornamental position, much like Hastert. Cantor will more openly be the real decision-maker; Paul Ryan will be promoted to Chair of Ways and Means, giving him ultimate authority on taxation. He will use the post to run for President.
6. The federal government will kick the can on the fiscal cliff. They will opt to raise taxes on people earning above $500,000 and continue the estate tax on high income individuals. Only cosmetic cuts in spending will occur. Both sides will claim victory. It gets through the House although most of the Tea Party members vote against it.
7. Republicans will try to impeach Obama because of Benghazi. It will be nearly a party line vote, but will not pass the House.
8. A major immigration law will be passed; nothing will happen on gun control.
9. The Supreme Court will give states the right to allow gay marriage, or reject it.
10. On the economic front, GDP will increase by about 2.5%, unemployment will drop to below 7% sometime in the summer, and inflation jitters will begin. Gas prices will begin climbing again, with the price rising to about $110 per barrel.
11. Bobby Jindal will realize that he doesn’t have a natural constituency in the Republican Presidential race. He will be appointed as Ambassador to India.
12. War drums will continue to beat for us to engage in a number of foreign countries. We will leave Afghanistan after a number of American casualties from friendly fire.
13. Mark Sanford will face his ex-wife, Jenny, for the GOP nomination to replace Tim Scott in the House. The media will not be able to turn away from this internecine battle.

Anyway, those are my guesses. If you’d like to, add your own. After all, everyone here is a Pundit, and as Dick Morris can attest, pundits never have to say they’re wrong.