Pray hard.

Our old-town favorite, George H. W. Bush, is currently in the hospital, running a high fever. He’s pretty old, only a year and a half shy of 90. And he has just been moved into the ICU ward at Methodist Hospital. In late November, he was admitted to the hospital for Bronchitis, and now it’s the end of December. The family of President H. W. Bush are at the hospital at his bedside. The president’s condition remains guarded, although I worry, with his move into the ICU, that his condition is not progressively improving.

President George H. W. Bush leaves an odd legacy; my own political findings conclude that one-term Presidents typically leave office very unpopular, and their popularity grows considerably with time, and they eventually become ‘favorites’ among the Presidents (excluding Jimmy Carter). These one-term Presidents typically loose re-election because nothing remarkable happens during their term, which is considered a good thing is looked at it proportionally.

President Bush has what is considered an excellent foreign policy record, and a decent domestic policy record. His lackluster domestic policy record left the nation in an economic standstill- no major growth, and no major decline in growth. He is also credited with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and several other domestic policy achievements.

President Bush, I think you’re a great President. Many of my liberal friends agree, and all of my conservative friends agree as well. At my household, and millions of others, we’re praying for you. I tweeted this:

Please pray, please pray for President Bush’s full recovery.