A petition posted at the White House website is calling for CNN host, Piers Morgan to be deported after his comments regarding the gun control and Second Amendment of our Constitution′s Bill of Rights. As of this morning, some 70,000 people have ′signed′ on to send the blow-hard back to the UK. The petition began after Morgan interviewed Larry Pratt, head of Gun Owners of America. During which, Morgan said to Pratt, ″You are an unbelievably stupid man, aren′t you?″ for his defense of the right to own and bear arms. The hostile attack on Pratt is seen by many as an attack on the United States and principles which we hold near and dear to our hearts. Is Piers Morgan guilty of foreign subversion under our laws?

piers morgan

So here we go, yet another foreign Liberal gnashing his teeth over the freedoms and liberties we enjoy here in the United States. Bad enough that the clown lives here, makes money here, and enjoys fame and comfort as a result of our way of life. Would Morgan enjoy his cushy job and way of life in Iran or North Korea? I don′t think so! The British boob simply cannot understand what makes America so great.

But then, he is not alone in this misunderstanding. Most Liberal-Progressive-Socialists fail to comprehend the relationship between freedom and liberty with prosperity and achievement. That under ideal circumstances, when not taxed or regulated to death, any individual with the energy and drive can succeed in our society. Even if they come from the most obscure and humble of origins.

There is no argument that the Sandy Hook shooting was a great tragedy. But statistically, such mass shootings have been in decline since the last major wave in the late 1990s. In terms of raw numbers, the decline has been going on since 1929. So is this any reason to start throwing away our liberty and values now? It is clear that even the so-called ′assault weapons′ ban from 1994 did little, if anything, to prevent such crimes. In fact, the number of violent crimes has been declining generally due to states making gun ownership and carrying laws more open and easier. The old saying, ″An armed society is a polite society″ seems to be true.

Nothing will really come from the White House petition for the deportation of CNN host Piers Morgan. It is interesting to note that of the some 160 or so petitions, this one has a huge numerical advantage over the rest. Morgans comments on gun control during an interview with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America are the basis for the petition. Morgan launched into a hostile attack against Pratt, the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, which provides for citizens to keep and bear arms under the protection of our Constitution. For Morgan to call Pratt an ″unbelievably stupid man″ was just ridiculous. Under federal law, Morgan’s comments may come under an act of foreign subversion.