Five months ago, ex-Marine Jon Hammer and a friend were on a hunting trip to Costa Rica, and they were going to drive through Mexico as part of their transportation plans. They get to the U.S. border checkpoint, and Hammer declared the shotgun he was carrying with him to the U.S. Customs Authority, who gave him the go-ahead to go into Mexico with his weapon.

Jon was told that it was fine for him to possess the gun in Mexico, and that he’ll be fine to keep going to his destination. He proceeds to get to the Mexican border checkpoint, where he claims his weapon. Immediately, he is arrested, whereas Mexican authorities were supposed to simply escort him back to the American checkpoint. They arrested Hammer and the friend for possessing his shotgun, of which he legally obtained in the States.

What happens next is the most tragic; Hammer has been held in a Mexican prison for 5 months now. There have been calls made out to the State Department to work on getting the Mexican authorities to drop the charges. There have been attempts to force the State Department to act, but they haven’t. There have been Washington Lawmakers who have called on these charges to be dropped, but their force wasn’t enough and they don’t have foreign connections.

Extortion threats were made out to the family, saying that he will stay safe in the jail (Hammer) pending the people behind the calls receive several thousand dollars in extortion money.

The imprisonment of this man was unjust and improper, he was given false information at U.S. customs, causing an improper arrest in Mexico. And the State Department simply would not own up to it and would not act upon it. But recently, Fox News has made repeated calls to the State Department to save Hammer and to give him back his liberties. Fox News created media Feeding Frenzies over this story, and they made waves in the media.

Suddenly, people began asking questions. Why hasn’t he been freed? Why won’t the State Department act? Is Hillary Clinton at fault? Petitions began forming all around the web, arguably because of Fox News’ coverage of the story. And today, it was announced that Jon Hammer was to be freed from this Mexican prison, the same prison the drug lords reside in.

Congratulations on your freedom, Jon. And I would highly recommend to the State Department that you get your act together, this kind of lack of care is hurting Americans at home and abroad. Americans are hurting, and it’s because of Hillary Clinton’s poor leadership and management of the State Department.

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