After the Ohio Republican, John Boehner lost his Plan B vote last night on the Fiscal Cliff, he may be hoping that the Mayan calendar is correct and that today will be the apocalypse. We′ll know soon enough as the end of the world is suppose to take place at 11:11AM EST, but my guess is that nothing will happen other than the arrival of the Winter Solstice. Still, it was an evening of Armageddon yesterday in Washington as Conservative and Tea Party House Republicans revolted at Speaker John Boehner′s plan to raise taxes on the successful. Once the debacle became clear that his threats of voiding subcommittee chairmanships was not going to succeed, Boehner retreated, pulling his legislation off the table. Instead, Boehner has now tossed the ball back to Barack Obama and Harry Reid, prompting them to consider earlier bills which passed the House months ago, to deal with the sequestration cuts and tax increases.

boehner plan b vote

So did John Boehner get too much orange dye in his last spray tan or did he spend too much time in a tanning bed, frying his mind? You have to really wonder just what the heck is going on? This whole Fiscal Cliff thing has been one long, sad, tragic hoax being played upon us by the lunatics running our nation. I′m sure it is easy for Establishment GOP types, like Karl Rove and Rep. Steve Latourette to describe those Republicans, elected by their constituents to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, as being a bunch of ″chuckle-heads.″ Of course, we should be kind to Rep. Latourette since we all know what kind of man he is, leaving his wife to marry a wealthy Washington lobbyist. But beyond that, I′m sure he is a nice guy who does not kick puppies or kittens about.

Sadly, since the election, we have seen far too many Republicans shy away from principle. In this new age of the Low Information Voter, much like the old 1950s pulp fiction story ′The March of the Morons′, the New Normal of Barack Obama is to govern by idiocy. The GOP Establishment seems ready to mimic this course.

Perhaps it would be best if the Mayan calendar were correct and the Apocalypse happens today? With the John Boehner Plan B vote failure, we are almost guaranteed now of diving off the Fiscal Cliff come January 1, 2013. I doubt if even the remote possibility of a Mayan Doomsday will force Barack Obama or Harry Reid to act like adults and actually negotiate in good faith putting spending cuts on the table. We went from a possible ratio of $3 in cuts for each dollar of new revenue during the debt ceiling talks last year to now where there might be one dollar of phony cuts for every $2.50 in new revenue. Maybe the Mayans will have a better deal for us on life′s other side? So Happy Mayan Doomsday or Winter Solstice, which ever comes first!