Appearing before the White House Press Corps, Barack Obama spoke on gun bans and fiscal cliffs as he appointed Joe Biden to head a team to draft new legislation. So-called ′assault weapons′ are apparently in for more restrictions after the Sandy Hook School shooting committed by Adam Lanza last week Friday. The National Rifle Association will hold a press conference tomorrow to voice their concerns about gun violence in the United States and the future of the Second Amendment. Meanwhile, Obama has rejected the John Boehner Plan B vote to be held by the House of Representatives today. In a 50-second speech, Boehner announced that House Republicans will pass a Fiscal Cliff bill keeping tax rates at present levels for all Americans earning less than $1 Million dollars per year. Obama rejected the measure with a veto threat and Senate Democrats will comply with him and allow the largest tax increase in recent history to take place on January 1st, 2013. Is there a connection between a new gun ban, spending cuts and the Fiscal Cliff?

obama gun ban

One could ask if there is a connection between the new State Department review committee report, citing ″systemic failures″ over the Benghazi Gate terror attack on our consulate, resulting in four dead Americans, while the same report blames nobody. True, three high-level State Department officials, including Charlene Lamb, the deputy director of diplomatic security, did resign immediately following the reports release. Why I mention this is because the report took more than three months to review what happened and issue 29 suggestions as to how to prevent future embassy attacks. Obama wants the Biden committee to complete their task before the State of the Union Address to be held in about 6 weeks.

Appointing Biden to head this project is perhaps the most troubling. Recall that Obama appointed Biden as ′sheriff′ to oversee the 2009 Stimulus Bill and make sure there was no wasteful spending. Uh-huh! In 2010, Biden was appointed by Obama to oversee the ′Recovery Summer′ as the unemployment rate breached the 10% level. Uh-huh! One of the issues concerning the Sandy Hook school shooting is mental health and after Biden′s performance during the one Vice Presidential Debate against Rep. Paul Ryan, Biden showed all the signs of dementia. Throughout the reelection campaign, Biden hardly knew where he was, which of the 57 states he was in.

But what can we expect from the most lazy, incompetent and narcissistic president in American history? Barack Obama was reelected with 100% support from the newest voting block in our country, the Low Information Voter. More like No Information, if you ask me! So this is the end result, a Low Information President who is totally clueless about practically everything. He knows nothing about economics, the Constitution, or even the history of violent crimes, but for the Low Information Voter, Obama thinks like they do, which is to say, he does not think much. Obama, elected by idiots, is an idiot himself.

For Obama to stand there before the Press, and the Nation, and claim some sort of connection between the Sandy Hook school shooting and why Republicans should go along with increasing taxes is just insane! He is not negotiating in any sort of good faith, putting no spending cuts on the table. Since 2010, we have gone from borrowing 40 cents of each dollar the federal government spends to 46 cents today. The amount of revenue that MIGHT be achieved by Obama′s tax increase would barely cover a day or two of deficit spending. It has absolutely no economic value whatsoever in growing our economy nor in creating jobs.

But doing so is suppose to make us feel good, just as the Barack Obama gun ban is supposed to make us feel good about doing something about assault weapons and the Second Amendment. The John Boehner Plan B vote today has been poo-pooed by the White House, much as Joe Biden will try to poo-poo the National Rifle Association. Gun violence will not be effected by Obama just as tax increases without spending cuts will not stop the Fiscal Cliff from happening.