Sunday evening, Barack Obama attended and spoke at the memorial service for the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Obama proclaimed that ″we″ are not doing enough to protect our children and vowed to use his powers to push new gun control laws because ″we must change.″ Already a growing chorus of politicians are lining up, like Senators Joe Manchin, Mark Warner, and Diane Feinstein, as well as NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Congressman Joe Scarborough. Many on Capitol Hill seem ready to take on the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment to ban so-called ′assault weapons′ as well as high-capacity ammunition magazines. In recent weeks, we have heard that America is suffering from a ′Culture of Guns′, but I say it is a Culture of Death which plagues us. How Obama can shed his crocodile tears for the dead from Sandy Hook while supporting late term abortions is the height of hypocrisy!

obama sandy hook

So here we go! Obama wants to do something to end violence upon children when he is in favor of tiny infants being ripped out of their wombs. Procedures involving the crushing of a child′s skull to make it easier to yank out of the mother′s body are just dandy to Obama. He also has no problem with babies born from ′botched abortions′ to be tossed into trash bins where they die a slow and agonizing death. This is the Culture of Death which stains the hands of Barack Hussein Obama and his friends in the Liberal Progressive movement.

Oh sure, Mika Brzezinski can wail and howl over gun ownership, but where is she on the subject of abortion? While it is fair to say that the murder of 20 children at Sandy Hook is a terrible tragedy, how do we describe the slaughter of nearly 40 million infants following Roe vs Wade? Do they, the Liberal Progressives, call it a holocaust as it should be rightfully known as? No, they call it a choice. Well, I want a choice, too!

I want the freedom as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to be able to arm myself against a tyrannical government. If that means being able to purchase and carry a 10-millimeter Glock or own a Bushmaster rifle, then so be it. Obama has talked before about building a ′domestic army′, a civilian national security force, most likely made up of SEIU and ACORN thugs who will carry out house-to-house searches as part of a national gun confiscation plan.

Let us be serious! America is awash in firearms. At least some 300 million that are legally owned and probably throw in another 50 to 100 million that are illegally obtained. No law is going to curtail gun violence unless you do confiscation. So why does Obama want to waste our time with another foolish, feel-good law? He cannot even write, let alone, balance a budget. But the goofballs on the Far Left think Obama will save the children from acts of violence. Too bad the same idiots do not see where the real violence is being done, in hospitals and medical clinics all across the nation.

So stick that in your choom-bong and smoke it, Barack Hussein Obama! We are not buying your newly discovered concern over the safety of the children of America. The effort by Obama and others to exploit the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting for their political gain is disgusting. Not half as disgusting, however, as the hypocrisy where in Obama and the same Liberal Progressive dingbats think that abortion is just another medical procedure. Sorry, but it is DEATH, death to the most helpless, the most innocent. The blood of millions are on your hands, Obama. You, too, Mika! I just hope that the National Rifle Association has the cajones to truly stand up to these hypocrites and defend our Second Amendment rights.