Here we go again on Tru TV′s Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory. The government is allegedly using the Ground Wave Emergency Network, GWEN for short, to beam microwaves at ′Targeted Individuals′ or TI′s. Is the old CIA group, MK-Ultra, back to their old tricks using technology which inventor Dr. Robert Duncan calls a ′Voice of God′ weapon? Is this related to Air Force technology known as ′synthetic telepathy′? Thousands of American citizens claim they are being attacked with psychotronic devices because at some point in time they have been critical of either the federal or local government. Is there a connection between where these victims live and the location of the GWEN towers? Will Jesse Ventura get to the bottom of the story?

GWEN towers

Jesse is hot on the trail after talking with psychiatrist Dr. Terry Robertson, who claims to know of over 1,000 patients suffering from the effects of psychotronic weaponry. He says that the Targeted Individuals are generally well educated, many with post-graduate degrees. Jesse confers with his team who show him video evidence of TV reporters babbling in the middle of broadcasts. Even Judge Judy claims to have had an episode of some type of attack from radio frequencies.

Investigator June Sarpong meets with Harlan Girard, a wealthy real estate broker who says he has been attacked by microwaves for 30 years. It seems that he once told a politician his misgivings about a certain former CIA director, George H. W. Bush. Over time, he has been investigating why he hears voices and Girard tells June about an Air Force technology, synthetic telepathy. Is this how the government is messing with his mind?

Sean Stone and Tyrel Ventura hook up with Sebastian Soberannes who runs a company, BlockEMF, which sells products to protect people from microwave attacks. Yes, everything from special laundry detergent to make your clothes more resilient to a baseball-cap version of a ′tin foil hat.′ Later, Sean meets with Ken Baker, an ex-cop who also claims to be a victim. He was forced to retire after plagued by hearing voices in his head. Baker also thinks that this is part of an old MK-Ultra mind control plot. His son knows about it after serving in the military and seeing Iraqi troops surrender after being ordered to via microwaves.

June meets up with David Corso, the ′Man in the White Van′, who tells her that the GWEN towers are at the heart of the conspiracy. I always get a kick when June meets Corso in his white panel van. I half expect him to expose himself to her! Tyrel shows Jesse two maps, one with locations of known Targeted Individuals and another of locations of the GWEN towers. It is pretty much a dead-on match.

This prompts Jesse and his team to take a closer look at these relics of the Cold War. The GWEN towers were established to maintain communications with bombers and submarines in the event of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Much like ELF and HAARP, GWEN was another DARPA project that officially has been closed down, replaced by other communication systems known as SCAMP, SLFCS and MEECN. But Corso gave June a clue, that something old is something new again.

Jesse and Tyrel meet with Lisa Becker, a business woman who claims that she has been attacked via microwaves so much that sometimes she gets skin burns. She must wear all sorts of protective gear just to get a couple of hours of sleep each night. Lisa introduces Jesse to three other neighbors who also tell stories of feeling ground vibrations and electrical energy attacking their bodies. Jesse takes the group to a nearby GWEN tower and within minutes, the four Targeted Individuals begin feeling the effects. Even Jesse′s film crew reported radio interference.

Jesse Ventura is hot on the trail now as he meets up with former CIA spook, Mark Phillips. He confirms to Jesse that MK Ultra is alive and well despite being officially closed down by the Church Commission decades ago. The GWEN towers represents technology designed for mind control, both on an individual level and a mass scale. Phillips then tells Jesse about the man behind the technology, Dr. Robert Duncan. Jesse tracks down and meets with Duncan who admits that he was the scientist behind the ′Voice of God′ weapon, used by a secret group within our government to engage in mind control of the population. Duncan says that the Targeted Individuals are being tortured and that it is already too late to stop the madness.

A pretty sad ending to last night′s Brain Invaders episode of Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory on Tru TV. If Dr. Robert Duncan is right, then MK Ultra is alive and well and using GWEN towers as a ′Voice of God′ weapon to attack Targeted Individuals. That the government is still involved in mind control projects and experiments using synthetic telepathy technology. Maybe this is why the Man in the White Van stays in his white van, to hide from psychotronic weapons? And some people wonder why average citizens do not need Bushmaster rifles to protect themselves from potential tyranny.