Fox News host Mike Huckabee says the Newtown shooting blame should not be on soft gun control laws, but on a lack of God. That the Secular-Progressives have ′systematically removed God′ from our schools. Concepts such as what responsibility means have been lost in our society thanks to Liberals and their political objectives. So is Mike Huckabee correct in his hypothesis that the reason Adam Lanza shot up the Sandy Hook school, killing 6 adult women and 20 First Graders is a lack of God? The issue of gun control laws have already been raised, but could there be a different reason?

mike huckabee newtown blame

Another Fox News contributor, psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, one of Glenn Beck′s old chums, paints a different picture. For the past two days, he has been beating the drum about the failures of our nation′s mental health system. Ablow contends that there is no real oversight or method for at risk patients to truly get the help they need, nor much of an official trail that police and other government agencies can respond and act with.

As pieces of the puzzle concerning why Adam Lanza committed his crimes are discovered, Dr. Ablow may be on the right track. We now have learned that Lanza′z mother, Nancy, whom Adam murdered first as he began his day of violence, was not a substitute teacher at Sandy Hook as earlier reported. She was a school nurse at a different school, but had quit that job to care for Adam. Reports of earlier confrontations and problems that Adam had while in the Newtown public school system led his mother to pull him out and home school Adam.

Connecticut already has fairly strict gun control laws on their books. All of the weapons used by Lanza were legally purchased by his mother. This includes an AR-15 variant, known as the Bushmaster, which early reports claim was found in the mother′s car Adam drove to the Sandy Hook school. There now seems to be evidence that Adam in fact used the Bushmaster during his rampage. The rifle would have been ′grandfathered′ by the state′s laws concerning ′assault weapons′, military type rifles that are semi-automatic versions and usually have their muzzle breaks and bayonet rings removed to get around legal issues.

That political forces have been busy taking God out of our schools, and society in general, is no secret. Especially during these holiday periods, where groups use the courts to oppose Nativity displays, Christmas trees and other symbols of religious faith. But is this really connected to the Newtown shooting?

Take for example on the very same day, police in Bartlesville, Oklahoma arrested an 18-year old high school student, Sammie Eaglebear Chavez, who plotted to massacre his classmates. Chavez attempted to recruit friends to assist him in trapping students in the high school auditorium, chain the doors, then gun them down. But unlike in Newtown, the intentions of Chavez were made known to police after his friends told school officials. Unlike Chavez, Adam Lanza apparently had no friends he could trust.

There were clear warning signs and in the Chavez case, authorities were made aware of them and acted, preventing another tragedy. One would think that in a small community like Newtown, where most people are known to others, that Adam Lanza would have been on the radar screen. We may find out in the days to come that there were indeed signs, but for some reason, nobody acted in time. One story now floating is that Adam murdered his mother because she was in fact going through the legal process to have him institutionalized. If true, then Dr. Ablow may be right in his position that what we have here is a failure for the process, from diagnosis, to probate courts, to determining a course for treatment.

Mike Huchabee is right that the Newtown shooting blame does not fall on gun control laws. We already have plenty and the system generally works well. Whether the ′systematically removed God′ from public schools is to blame for Adam Lanza and his attack on the Sandy Hook Elementary school is another question. While it is true that Secular-Progressives have been busy with their political agenda, which includes removing what responsibility means, can we blame that? Or is Dr. Keith Ablow, another Fox News contributor, correct in his assessment that what we have here is a breakdown of our national mental health care system? Since the 1960s, the criminally insane with violent tendencies are less likely to be removed from society and instead treated by social workers rather than professional doctors. Is it time we rethink how we deal with such people?