America was once again gripped in horror over the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. A lone gunman, Adam Lanza, age 20, began his day of carnage by first murdering his mother, Nancy Lanza, a substitute teacher at the school, shooting her in the face at the home they shared in Newtown with her own guns. He then took his mother′s car and drove to the K-through-4 grade school dressed in black and apparently wearing a bulletproof vest. Armed with two handguns, a 10 millimeter Glock and a Sig Sauer pistol, he entered the school. Within a matter of a few, short minutes, six adults and 20 children were fatally shot. By the time police had arrived, Lanza had already committed suicide, shooting himself. While the Virginia Tech shooting may have had more dead, yesterday′s episode of violence was compounded by the ages of the victims, most of whom were between 5 and 10 years old.

school shooting in connecticut
Police escort children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School to safety. Image Credit: Newtown Bee

There was much confusion as events unfolded. Early reports identified the shooter as Ryan Lanza, Adam′s 24-year old brother who lived in Hoboken, New Jersey. There was also reports that Adam′s father, Peter, was found dead at the residence in New Jersey. But we now know that both are alive and not involved. Peter and Nancy Lnaza divorced in 2009 and Ryan claims that he has not had any contact with his brother Adam since 2010.

Adam Lanza is described as a loner, as a genius and possibly autistic or having some other form of personality disorder. An honor student and active computer gamer, Adam seems to be someone who had crossed the line from the real world to a virtual reality. His mother had apparently stopped teaching in order to spend more time caring for him. So why did he do this? Did his insanity drive him to not only seek revenge on his mother, but also upon the kindergarten class which she taught? Was Adam Lanza jealous of the other children in his mother′s life?

We may never know the reasons behind this mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. What prompted Adam Lanza to murder his mother, Nancy, in their home, then proceed to kill 26 others at the school. The heroes of the day were the teachers and staff at the school, who helped save the lives of the rest of the 600 students. The principal, Dawn Hochsprung, murdered by Lanza, may have been responsible for turning on the school′s public address system, enabling everyone to be warned. The school′s janitor who went door to door, telling each classroom to lock their doors and hide. Teachers who hid their students in bathrooms and closets. Of course, we must also recognize the first responders, the police and firemen who raced inside the school even before knowing that the shooter was dead.