What do you get when you mix Liberal celebrities with kooky politics and MSNBC? You get scenes like the other day when Mr. Day-O, singer Harry Belafonte, tells the Reverend Al Sharpton that Barack Obama should lock up all of his opposition and ″work like a Third World dictator.″ Yes, another pearl of wisdom aired during Politics Nation on MSNBC! You know darn well that Sharpton would like nothing better than to see Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and the entire line of on-air personalities at the Fox News Channel locked up, if not executed. Especially that Neil Cavuto after he abruptly ended an interview with some dopey Democrat Congresswoman who refused to answer his question about the Fiscal Cliff. But is Harry Belafonte laying the groundwork for Obama to establish himself as a dictator and setting the stage for a third term in office?

Harry Belafonte Obama dictator
Is Harry Belafonte missing a banana or two in his bunch?

I suppose we can write this off to old age or Harry Belafonte being short a banana or two in his bunch. This is not the first time he has said some outrageous things concerning American politics. Probably won′t be the last time either, since the Liberal Media has no problem letting him talk and giving him a blank check on reality.

Still, you have to wonder about the shameless way the Media exploits nutty celebrities who babble about politics. Poor Harry Belafonte has no credibility whatsoever anymore. If he really thinks that Barack Obama should ″work like a Third World dictator″ then woe unto him and his record sales. These guys, like Al Sharpton, just do not know where to draw the line of civil discourse. He and others at MSNBC are quick to denounce Tea Party members or real Conservatives should they say something a tad outrageous. The only answer is that Sharpton and the rest at MSNBC want to see Obama act like a dictator.