We met up with three more survivalists on last night′s episode of Doomsday Preppers on NatGeo TV. A wealthy Californian whose teenage daughter is a better prepper than daddy, a politician from Pittsburgh who includes prepping in his campaign and gunsmith from North Carolina who is big on protein substitutes like spirulina algae and worms. Once again, the National Geographic Channel takes us to a world that many shrink from, but we all know is coming one day. So lets meet our preppers…!

spirulina algae

First up is Bob from southern California. He′s made a mint selling vitamins and nutritional supplements and is prepping for a major earthquake. Bob, his wife and two daughters live on a 2.5 acre estate that is set on a beautiful hillside overlooking a winery. He has all the trimmings when it comes to prepping, spending over $100,000 in just the past year. Bob has a lot of help, too, from his eldest daughter, Alexis. She is a fireball with multiple martial arts belts and learning new skills like knife throwing and rifle marksmanship. Alexis first shot with her new rifle was a bulls-eye! Bob′s wife is not too thrilled about all the money he spends. Especially his latest idea for acquiring a helicopter to bug-out with for $500,000. The panel of experts scored Bob with a 61, only giving him maybe 9 months of survival.

Next up is Josh, an immigrant from Israel who is prepping for a series of terrorist attacks. Having served in the military and being an EMT in Israel, Josh is well acquainted with terrorist tactics. He has taken his knowledge and passion and tried to run for city council in Pittsburgh, campaigning on preparedness. Josh is an Orthodox Jew, which complicates his preps. He spent the past three years accumulating 3 months worth of Kosher MREs and other food stuffs. Josh drills with some locals, training them for medical responses to a terrorist attack. He is also an NRA-certified gun instructor and is helping his wife and children to learn how to defend themselves. Josh is also teaching his family of 8 how to raise rabbits, which are not Kosher, just in case they are needed for survival, which Jewish law does allow in extreme circumstances. Josh scored a 70, giving him 12 months. But Josh is thinking about returning to Israel as life in America seems to be going downhill.

Finally, we have Ryan, a former Airman who now is a gunsmith in North Carolina. Ryan sees a global economic collapse on the horizon and is planning to feed his family of 6 with spirulina, an algae with a high level of protein. He has a group of local preppers in Asheville that he is teaching spirulina farming to, as well as posting videos on You-Tube. If algae is not your thing, Ryan also raises earthworms and teaches his children how to hunt and cook field mice. Ryan plans to help his community survive and thrive any apocalyptic event. He has even designed his own prepper rifle, which he named the Joshua Mk. I. Ryan took the best from the AR-15 and AK-47 and combined them to produce a rugged and reliable rifle. Since Ryan does not have a large stockpile of food, as he intends to grow his own, he only scored a 63, giving him 10 months of survival.

So ended another episode of Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Channel. Next week, NatGeo TV will air a special episode, Escape from New York, showing three preppers racing to get out of the Big Apple. What I would like to see is how these preppers handled Hurricane Sandy. Now THAT would be an awesome episode!