Union protesters turned violent at the Capitol Building in Lansing as Gov. Rick Snyder signed the Michigan Right To Work 2012 bill into law. Steven Crowder, a contributor to the Fox News Channel, was among those assaulted as a group of union thugs tore down two tents occupied by women and handicapped seniors who support the new law. Video of the event clearly shows that Crowder was sucker-punched. Unions and their Democrat allies claim that the new law is unfair as it gives workers the option of joining a union and paying dues. They say it gives non-union workers a ′free ride′ to enjoy the benefits which unions claim to have negotiated. Of course, this argument falls on deaf ears when it comes to the 47% who pay no income tax yet enjoy the benefits of being an American citizen. Michigan now becomes the 24th state to have a right-to-work.

michigan right to work

Unlike the Wisconsin labor laws which prompted months of union protests and several recall elections, there are no provisions in the new Michigan law affecting unions from collective bargaining. The main substance of the Michigan law is merely to give union employees the option of paying dues to their unions. Also, new employees will not be legally compelled to join a union as part of being hired by a private or publicly-held company. The new law does not effect government union employment, such as public school teachers, police or firemen. They will still have to join unions if such departments are unionized.

Over the past decade, Michigan has declined from 16th place in average income to 36th. The Great Lakes State has an unemployment rate of 9.1% and continues to struggle following the Crash of 2008. Union employees make up about 17.8% of the labor force, while the national average is around 11.9%. Some 10,000 jobs either have left or are preparing to leave Michigan for nearby Indiana after that state passed a right to work bill more than a year ago. Whether the new Michigan law will change that remains to be seen.

But things certainly did get ugly outside the Capitol Building yesterday as Gov. Rick Snyder signed the new Michigan Right To Work bill into law for 2012. Fox News Channel contributor Steven Crowder was among several people attacked by union protesters as they tore down two tents, trampling women and handicapped seniors. Is there no end to the shame of union thugs?