Last night on an all new episode of Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory on Tru TV, Jesse and his team were on the hunt for humanzee. Human-chimpanzee hybrids allegedly being produced by our government, through DARPA, at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Animal cruelty investigator, Chris DeRose, tells Jesse about chimera experiments involving breeding sheep with human livers, mice with human brains, pigs with human blood and other ′Manimal′ hybrids. Are these ′parahumans′ being genetically modified to create a supply of human organs for medical transplants? Or is our government preparing an army of ′chuman′ super-soldiers to suppress, and even eat, a rebellious citizenry should the nation default on its debts to Goldman Sachs?


As crazy as this sounds, there is plenty of real smoke from this fire. During World War Two, the Soviet Union actually did conduct experiments to create a breed of super-soldiers by artificially inseminating human females with gorilla and other primate sperm. One Russian scientist, Ilya Ivanovich, had been doing research along these lines since 1910. In the 1920s, he attempted to impregnate female chimpanzees with his own sperm. Similar experiments were rumored to be conducted by Germany, Britain and the United States during WW2. Some say the idea for the comic strip hero, Captain America, where a weak and crippled F-4 man is altered to have super-human strength and agility, is based on this concept.

While Jesse′s son, Tyrel, investigates the sheep with human livers story in Reno, Nevada, June Sarpong chats with Dr. Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at the University of Albany. He tells her all about a chimp named Oliver, who back in the 1970s, was seriously thought to have been a humanzee hybrid. DNA testing in recent years have proved otherwise, but Oliver certainly appeared to have had some human characteristics. He also tells her about the Yerkes research center, which gets Jesse very interested.

So Ventura meets up with Dr. William Hurlbutt from Stanford University, an expert on genetic testing and research ethics. Hurlbutt is also aware of some unusual testing going on at Yerkes and thinks the place is being run by DARPA, not the CDC, as billed. Meanwhile, Tyrel gets hassled by local police as he notices that the sheep with human livers are being held on a ranch with its own slaughter house. Are these genetically modified sheep being served up as food in our grocery stores?

June meets with Dr. Stuart Newman, a biologist who has attempted to take out patents on human-chimp-hybrid DNA. Our current federal laws prevent some types of genetic research, but not all. Altering female chimpanzee eggs is still fair game in many cases. Jesse finally meets up with his buddy, Alex Jones, who tells Ventura that the humazee hybrids are being bred to serve as super-soldiers. If the government cannot rely on the human military to keep them in power during an Arab-Spring-like revolt, then perhaps the humanzee army will be unleashed to eat us citizens?

Jesse and Tyrel head to Lawrenceville to check out the Yerkes laboratory. Locals tell them about how one of the chimps escaped recently and has yet to be recovered. Nosing around, Jesse and Tyrel find themselves being photographed by a guy who claims to be part of the local neighborhood watch. They later meet up with animal activist Jack Carone at the front gate of Yerkes. Before Carone can make a speech, the facility′s security guards hassle Jesse and company.

Then, from out of nowhere, a car pulls up. Local activist Jean Barnes tells Jesse about Jeffery Bourne, a shadowy figure who ran Yerkes for 27 years. He allegedly also was involved in CIA mind control and brainwashing experiments to create sleeper agents and Manchurian Candidate killers. Some say the Bourne Identity films are based on this guy. In 1976, Bourne was interviewed by a UK magazine and discussed plans to impregnate a human female with primate sperm. Barnes claims that she tracked down a woman in Philadelphia who volunteered for the experiment.

Curiously absent for most of the show has been Oliver Stone′s son, Sean. We finally catch up with him as he meets with investigator Timothy Jokubett. He tells Sean that the sheep with human livers are part of the same program as the humanzee. They are fed to the humanzee to get them used to the taste of human blood. Planet of the Apes! Another character, Michael Reid, also tells Jesse that the humanzee are real. That they would be several times stronger and more agile than human soldiers.

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory covered a lot of ground in the humanzee, human-chimpanzee hybrid story. Is our government genetically engineering super soldiers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia? What about other Manimal hybrids? Are sheep with human livers and other chimera being created to provide for organ transplants or as food for the humanzee? Are we one step away from Planet of the Apes dominated by chumans? Many questions remain unanswered about parahuman experiments, but Jesse Ventura and his Conspiracy Theory team are on the trail. Another fun episode on Tru TV last night.