Tonight on the Fox News Channel, Neil Cavuto will host ′Fly Me To The Moon′, a one-hour special remembering the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 17 Moon landing. Our last manned mission to the Moon. Guests will include Mission Commander Eugene Cernan, the last human to stand upon the surface of the Moon, Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt, the only geologist-astronaut to explore the Moon, and many other Apollo astronauts, including Edwin Buzz Aldrin and James Lovell. Apollo 17 launched from the Earth on December 7, 1972 and after four days, the Lunar Lander, named Challenger, touched down on the Moon, beginning our last, and longest visit to our nearest celestial neighbor. Cernan and Schmitt spent much of 3 days and two nights on the lunar surface, exploring the Taurus-Littrow Valley both on foot and using a Lunar Rover automobile. Meanwhile, Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans orbited above in the Apollo capsule, named America, photographing the Moon and conducting his own set of experiments.

Eugene Cernan Apollo 17

Yes, those were heady, exciting days. An era of national ambition, pride and leadership. An age of heroes. A far cry from the thumb-twirling boobs that make up our government today. It is indeed sad to think that after 40 years, we humans have not returned to the Moon. But that may soon change as this past week, a private company called Golden Spike announced that they are working on a rocket system that will fly two people to the Moon, land, and return to Earth, for the measly sum of $1.5 Billion dollars. That is, if they can raise the $8 Billion in venture capital to get their project off the ground.

Some might say this is a flight of fancy. A waste of resources which could be better spent on other needs, like curing a disease. But perhaps this adventure is a cure for apathy, for complacency. Our spirit, our soul is starving for a goal, an objective, a new frontier. Man has become timid, beaten down by the Mob, the masses, who seek conformity and shared misery. Where are the heroic men of today? Men have become so feminized that it has taken a salacious book, ′50 Shades of Grey′, to awaken women to want a real man. A man who is not afraid to control, dominate and lead.

So if you are a space-buff like me, then be sure and watch Neil Cavuto tonight on the Fox News Channel as he hosts ′Fly Me To The Moon.′ This week is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 17 moon flight, our last manned mission to the lunar surface. The one-hour special begins at 9pm Eastern and will feature many Apollo era astronauts, including Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, Edwin Buzz Aldrin and James Lovell. Men who exemplified the Age of the New Frontier. Heroic men who faced danger in a very public way and were an inspiration to many who watched their feats in awe and wonder.