Glenn Beck is starting a new Reality TV show, ′Pursuit of Truth′. Teaming up with Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley and Gary Auerbach, the series will feature documentary film makers vying for funding to make their film. Go Go Luckey Entertainment will produce the series for The Blaze TV Internet channel. Beck hopes that some of the topics the contestants will explore will be like examining the Federal Reserve but without the ′conspiracy′ angle. Vince Vaughn, an actor who starred in ″The Wedding Crashers″ and had dated Jennifer Aniston is a Beck ally who supported Ron Paul during the Republican primaries. The series is expected to begin airing in the Spring of 2013.

glenn beck new reality show

Life has certainly been good to Glenn Beck since leaving the Fox News Channel. He′s relocated to Texas, paying fewer taxes. His various enterprises are growing, making Beck one of the few non-government, job creators we still have in America. Yesterday′s jobs report for November shows that three out of every four jobs created in the past 3 months have been government jobs. Not a good sign of things to come.

Beck also recently caused some outrage among Liberals when he put on Ebay an image of Barack Hussein Obama in a glass jar filled with urine. Despite bids in the tens of thousands of dollars being made, Ebay pulled the item from auction. Glenn has also taken to prepping for things to come, advising his radio and Internet audience to buy farm land and guns. He, himself, has purchased some acreage for growing essential foods.

So hats off to Glenn Beck and his new Reality TV show, ′Pursuit of Truth.′ The project will feature young documentary filmmakers competing to win a prize of getting their film idea turned into an actual movie. Gary Auerbach′s Go Go Luckey Entertainment will produce the series, which will air on TheBlaze TV Internet channel. Others notables involved are actors Vince Vaughn and Peter Billingsley who will host the show.