As all of you know, Senator Jim Demint just announced that he would be stepping down from the Senate, and as arguably the most conservative member of the Senate, I’m sure the Democrats are thrilled. Except this move may actually help the GOP with other seats, and arguably the GOP in general. Senator Demint just announced that he would become President of the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing Think Tank.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will have the opportunity to nominate the replacement for Senator Demint, to take over his seat until a 2014 special election. When a Republican Governor has the opportunity to nominate a Republican for Senate in a particularly Red state, he or she will usually win his or her special election. (Scott Brown is an exception to this rule, as he is in Massachusetts, one of the most liberal states in the nation, and the was still extremely close.)

Senator Lindsay Graham will also be up for re-election in 2014, and with both representing the state of South Carolina, it could benefit the GOP enormously. I contend that Senator Graham’s seat would have been a possible steal for the Democrats, and I believe that they were hopeful they could steal his Senate seat in 2014. With a special election under way, the people who would have run against Senator Graham will likely run in the special election, sparing Senator Graham.

Assuming my theory holds true, both seats are held by Republicans. This is in a race which could have resulted in Senator Graham losing his seat, and he just won re-election. And with Senator Demint out of the Senate, there will be a smaller Tea Party voice in Washington, which could strongly benefit the public image of the party. If the party’s improves, this would obviously one of the most beneficial things for the party for every race, nationwide.

I wonder why Senator Demint took the job at the Heritage Foundation. Part of me says it is the money, as the President typically earns close to a million a year. With Senator Demint’s net worth around $50,000, financially, this would not be such a bad idea. We will likely never know his true reasons though.

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