I had missed another episode of Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory last week when Tru TV changed the time slot. This episode was about how the Illumnati are building a massive doomsday bunker complex in the Ozark Mountains. Ah, yes, the Illuminati! Those wild and crazy elites of all secret societies who plot global control after killing off 95% of the world′s population. Or so says Anthony Hilder, who tips Jesse Ventura off on what is going on in the Ozarks. Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, believes Hilder, because Sean says that he has been contacted in the past by the Illuminati. Most of the concern that Jesse and his team focus on is construction of a huge mansion by billionaire Steven Huff, an ex-CIA guy who runs the Overwatch Corporation, a software company which allegedly manages our national surveillance satellites. Is this ′home′ to be the post-Apocalyptic command center for the New World Order?

jesse ventura ozark doomsday bunker
Could this be the future headquarters for Global government? Image Credit: Extravaganzi.com.

Sean meets up with Lisa Larue who claims inside knowledge of the Illuminati using and expanding a system of caves in the Ozarks. The construction of which is causing an increase of earthquakes in the region. Meanwhile, Tyrel Ventura talks with Mark Dice, and expert on the Illuminati. Dice tells him that the Huff mansion is the hub of a network of caves and tunnels which spans the entire nation. June Sarpong meets up with radio host Clyde Lewis at an Occupy event. He tells her that the Illuminati are playing all sides, including supporting the Occupy Movement, in order to cause a general revolt and collapse civilization while the Elite hide in their cushy bunkers.

Naturally, Jesse Ventura has to talk with his pal, Alex Jones on the matter. Jones confirms that the Illuminati have made a big move in the Ozarks. The Globalist command center, the Huff mansion, is built to withstand a direct hit from a tornado and a near miss of a nuke. Not only is this 72,000 square foot, armored fortress being constructed, but in nearby Mountainview, Arkansas, June discovers that the banks are busy building. The small town had only one bank, owned by a local family, for more than a century. Now, every major bank in the world is building a branch office there, giving Mountainview one bank for every 53 residents.

Jesse and his team head to the Ozarks to eyeball the situation. While Sean mingles with the locals, Jesse and Tyrel meet with local newspaper publisher Donna Osbourne. She tells them that the Huff mansion is permitted as a ′single family dwelling′ in order to get around public hearings and other laws. Later, they meet up with Sean who seems excited. He tells Jesse and Tyrel that the truth is there hiding in plain sight. Ozark equals OZ, as in in Wizard of Oz, and Ark, as in Noah and the Ark. Oz-Ark gets you Ozark. Get it?

Oookay! Sean then hooks up with a local kook who calls himself White Rabbit and is an expert on the cave system. June meets with a local historian and then a church pastor about the goings on. The pastor believes that evil is upon them. The historian says that in 2009, there was a typical year of 39 seismic events, earthquakes, in the area. But in 2011, when construction increased in tempo, there were over 700. Jesse and Tyrel get a tour with a local sheriff deputy, Joe Kyle. But Deputy Kyle is reluctant to take them too close to the Huff mansion.

Sean and White Rabbit explore some caves in the area and inside one, they hear voices, so they flee. Sean then rejoins Jesse and Tyrel, whom all go for a ride with White Rabbit to one of the main entrances to the underground complex. They just drive right in! The place is massive with two-lane traffic of 18-wheel semis hauling gear in. There is even a railroad inside! Their short tour also finds huge stockpiles of food, water and oil-based fuels. White Rabbit tells them that this is only one of more than a dozen underground cities being built. But being built for whom and why?

So if you get a chance to watch the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory episode about the Ozark Doomsday Bunker and how the Illuminati are getting ready for the Apocalypse, check it out. I′ve embedded the episode below. Whatever you think about conspiracy theories, you have to admit that something is indeed going on in the Ozark Mountains, or should I say, underground? This huge fortress being built by billionaire Steven Huff does not look like your average mansion. It resembles a Medieval castle. In fact, the locals call it that, ′The Castle.′ And what about all these banks being built in a small town in Arkansas? What is that all about? Ah, I would not be a good conspiracy without leaving you with more questions than answers!