According to Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine, Dick Morris and Karl Rove are off of Fox News by orders of Roger Ailes. Any show that wants to have either on as a guest must first get permission from Ailes. Rove is being penalized for his on-air temper-tantrum during the 2012 election night coverage. When Fox News called Ohio for Barack Obama, Rove went into a fit and even made Megyn Kelly run around in her high heels to consult with the network′s polling brain trust on why they called Ohio. As for Morris, well, he′s just an idiot always trying to promote his website or another stupid book he wrote. Will other political pundits get benched like Morris and Rove? How about Ann Coulter who has also drunk from the same cup as Rove and Morris?

Last night on Sean Hannity′s program, Coulter essentially argued for House Republicans to cave in and give Obama his tax increases. She thinks that doing so will help the GOP in 2014 win back the Senate and maybe the White House in 2016. But Ann was one of those who brutally went after Mitt Romney′s primary rivals, declaring that Mitt was their only option for winning in 2012. She, along with others, did not think that debates won by Newt Gingrich or Herman Cain mattered at all, since debates have not decided an election since 1980. Duh! Guess what, Ann? The only time Romney actually seemed to have a chance to win was due to a debate win. After that, it was all downhill.

Coulter, like Rove and Morris, are playing the political consultant′s game of focusing on winning votes rather than winning minds. Issues and philosophy have been relegated to the back seat, if not buried in an unmarked grave. Now it is all about how many votes in Precinct X of Whatever County USA can be turned out using ads and social media. The entire campaigns focused most of their energies and resources in a handful of states and even targeted specific communities and neighborhoods. The concept of a truly national campaign with broad, sweeping ideals is long gone in the minds of today′s pundits.

Frankly, I′m glad if the story by Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine is true about Dick Morris and Karl Rove being taken off Fox News is true. I hope Roger Ailes also bans Ann Coulter and some of the other pundits who pushed Mitt Romney down our throats as the only capable candidate. Time to purge the GOP of the back-benchers and lightweights. Bad enough that House Republicans are being led by John Boehner who seems determined to sell out the country to Barack Obama. The Democrats are already talking about raising taxes not only on the top 1 or 2 percent, but also raiding people′s 401K and IRA plans. Give a Liberal an inch and they will take a mile. Then make poor Megyn Kelly walk that mile in her high heels!