Last night on Doomsday Preppers, the smash hit on the National Geographic Channel, the program was slightly misleading with the title, ′Take from the Haves.′ I was expecting them to cover a prepper, or group of preppers, who intend to go marauding after doomsday, looting and pillaging their way to survival. Now wouldn′t that be a twist! But actually, NatGeo TV featured some pretty good preppers, including two neighbors trying to out-prep each other with their elaborate aquaponic gardens. This is something folks should really take a serious look at!

doomsday preppers aquaponics
Doomsday Preppers Allen and Franco compete over who has the best aquaponic garden. Image Source: National Geographic Channel.

Our first prepper is an inventor, John, from somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. He is getting ready for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! John′s house is a state-of-the-art 21st Century techno-fortress. Roomy and comfortable, John plans to bug-in during whatever disaster, natural or man-made, in true style. His home is located on a rugged hilltop with a cliff on one side. There is only really one way in or out and a dozen cameras monitor the property 24/7. The smart security system will even email him if something pops up and John can access his system from anywhere using his smart phone. Along with the usual firearms, as well as a .50 caliber Beowulf rifle, John also has an automated defense system of pepper spray modules built into the walls. A security expert runs a drill with John as two attackers assault his home. John ′shoots′ one and the second gets sprayed inside the house, then gets chomped by John′s German Shepard. He is scored an 80 by the experts, giving him 16 months of post-apocalyptic survival.

Then we meet Jeff from Vancouver, Washington. He′s worried about the Yellowstone super volcano, or caldera. If it blows, it could coat half the USA in several inches of ash and set off a nuclear winter scenario. Jeff has a bug-out sight to retreat to, but also keeps a supply of food at his ′real′ home. His eldest son, Hayden, 13, has become a prepper, too, and helps dad when they go to storage auctions seeking bargains. Jeff has also been learning to fly a Cessna, including emergency procedures for dead-stick landings. He only scored a 57, giving his family of 5 about 6 months of survival.

Then we meet Allen and Franco, our two prepping neighbors from a small town in Missouri. Allen has been prepping for almost 30 years, worried about an economic collapse. Franco is new to prepping and his fear is that there will be food shortages due to a public uprising over genetically modified food. Umm…, yeah…, I can almost see THAT happening! These two guys are driving their families crazy with their elaborate preps. Both have taken up aquaponics, combining raising fish with growing food hydroponically. Now pay attention because this is VERY useful information!

Allen uses a complete system where water from the fish tank, which holds some 200 tilapia, is circulating through his hydroponic garden, as the water is loaded with fish waste, an excellent fertilizer. The water then goes through a multistage system of filtering, including pools filled with water lilies and another with duckweed. Once cleaned up, the water then returns to the fish tank. Allen′s system is about 95% efficient in its use of water. Franco has a similar set up, except that he uses a bell-drain system, where each hydroponic bed is drained separately. Water reclamation is not as efficient. Both men are also raising other forms of protein, Allen has a ′maggot mansion′ and Franco raises earthworms. The experts scored Allen with a 77, giving him 15 months but Franco only got a 49, just 4 months of survival. Franco′s problem of not having enough fresh water, as well as being a Moonbat goofball without any firearms is why he scored so low.

Thus ends another fun episode of Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Channel. Real preppers are not about taking from ′the Haves′ as self-sufficiency is what they strive for. Allen and Franco both show a lot of initiative with their aquaponic systems. This technique is one that I thoroughly encourage people to look into. What could be better than having fresh fish with your garden fresh veggies everyday? Add a high-density fruit orchard into the scheme, along with some chickens, rabbits, goats and a few pigs and you will be a post-apocalyptic supermarket!