The tragedy of the murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher prompted sportscaster Bob Costas to make gun comments during the Sunday Night Football half-time show. On Saturday morning, Belcher murdered his girlfriend, and mother of his child, Kasandra Perkins, shooting her nine times with a handgun. He then went to the stadium, thanked the coaches for giving him a chance to play and shot himself in the parking lot.. Sports writer Jason Whitlock wrote a commentary about how this was the result of America′s ′gun culture′, which Bob Costas repeated in his anti-gun speech. But was it really the lack of gun control laws behind this hideous act? Or could it be something more basic such as the instant wealth and privilege sports stars obtain? Couple that with booze, drugs, and plenty of women and we see the pattern of the ′spoiled culture′, advocated by Liberal Progressives and symbolized by Barack Hussein Obama.

gun control

Yes, naturally I am blaming Obama and his pals in the Progressive movement. Obama wins a Noble Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing! Javon Belcher really did not accomplish very much either in his life. Yet, he got himself a nice big paycheck, a pampered lifestyle and all the booze, drugs and women he could consume. Quite a bit for a guy barely 25 years old.

The initial story of how he got into an argument with Miss Perkins because she stayed out late Friday night is also falling apart. We now learn that it was Javon who was out on the town with another woman. How he was so smashed on booze that even when a policeman found him asleep in his Bentley, the cop gave him a pass and just told him to go home. Maybe Jovan did argue with Perkins about her being out late, but what about him? Where does his responsibility begin and end in this tragedy?

The anti-gun crowd is always with us and will use any event to muster stricter gun laws. Yet, as we all know, wherever gun laws are the most strict, crime is much higher, particularly violent crime. Whitlock, and Costas, believe that gun ownership serves no useful purpose nor makes anyone safer. Try telling that to the six million Jews who were unable to defend themselves from the tyranny of Adolph Hitler! That is why our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment. Gun ownership is not just for hunting or shooting paper targets. It is the nation′s hedge against a potential tyrant.

So Bob Costas and his gun comments about Javon Belcher are simply ridiculous. Jason Whitlock is a fool to think that Kasandra Perkins might still be alive if Belcher had no handgun or no gun culture. Maybe she might be, but she was clearly in danger of domestic violence from Belcher given his behavior. Gun control is not the issue, personal responsibility is! The Kansas City Chiefs player was on a path of doom and what he really needed was a taste of old fashioned, traditional values and some common sense. Something the anti-gun control crowd have little of.