21 Days, and $4 Million. That is the length and cost of President Obama’s vacation, with the taxpayers footing the bill. President Obama has recently announced that he will be taking a 21 day vacation to Hawaii for some quality relaxation time, with his vacation at the beach costing the taxpayers over $4,000,000. This total bill for the trip includes the President (and his family’s) extended security, housing for him, his family, his assistants, and the secret service, Air Force One’s flight, and numerous other expenses.

I don’t doubt that President Obama has a tough job. It’s arguably one of the most stressful jobs in the nation. But hasn’t he taken enough vacation, enough relaxation, and played enough golf already?

He’s played over 100 rounds of Golf and vacationed 17 times. During this recent election, he held hundreds of fundraisers and made multiple appearances on every talk show and Comedy station, ranging from The View to Jay Leno. Now that the campaign is over, shouldn’t he be getting back to work? I don’t dispute the fact that he needs and deserve some vacation time- maybe four or five days. Or even a week. But 21 days?

There are so many pressing issues right now; the Fiscal Cliff is soon to come, and another Government shutdown will be underway. Palestine has just been declared a state by the United Nations, and this will drastically affect both American and Israeli international affairs. North Korea is now back at it with rocket threats, and Iran is threatening Israel again. The Jobs crisis is still here, and we’re $16 Trillion in debt.

President Obama, enjoy your vacation. But maybe you should shorten it, from 21 days to maybe a week? You deserve a break, but this vacation is costing the taxpayers $4 Million, which could benefit the country in many other ways. And remember, Mr. President, you have played a lot of golf in your term. Perhaps a shorter vacation?

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