What will Jay Carney tells us as Barack Obama is hosting Mitt Romney for lunch at the White House? Will we get any inside dope about what they may talk about in their private dining room or in the Oval Office? What about Joe Biden? Will he be taking Paul Ryan out next? I suppose Obama is being nice, giving Romney a taste of what could have been. Perhaps Obama wants advice on to to handle the Republicans Party on Capitol Hill over the Fiscal Cliff talks? Nah, I don′t think so! After yesterday′s speech, it is clear that Obama wants taxes raised without any spending cuts. Since his allies in the Media, like the Washington Post, will just blame the GOP anyway should an agreement fails to be reached, Obama could care less.

obama hosting romney lunch

Yes, Obama did a ′Wimpy′ and begged for tax increases today and offered to maybe have spending cuts on some Tuesday next year. The whole thing is one big sham. A shameful sham at that! The amount of revenue that might be raised by increasing the tax rate on the top 1% from 35% to 39% is maybe $7 Billion dollars annually. I say maybe because we are seeing in England and France how the wealthy are bolting. About half of the millionaires in the UK have split. Plenty are leaving France as well since they went to a 75% tax rate on the rich. Over the last four years, we are seeing an ever-increasing number of wealthy leaving the United States, too!

So I really do not see anything good coming out of Barack Obama hosting Mitt Romney for lunch at the private dining room in the White House. I also doubt if Obama would even ask for advice on how to handle the Republican Party over the Fiscal Cliff. Jay Carney will probably swoon some song about peace and love in the Oval Office, but we know the truth. Obama will rub Mitt′s nose in defeat and Romney will act respectful and take it like a gentleman.