This story is hilarious, not for the artwork itself but for the reaction of liberals everywhere expressing outrage over one individual’s political expression in art. The artist in none other than Glenn Beck, and his piece is titled “Obama in Pee Pee” which mainstream media is reporting professionally as “Obama in a Jar of Urine.”

Sure, you remember Glenn Beck. He once had a popular Fox News Channel show which mainly consisted of himself pontificating about history, for which he is knowledgeable, mixed with a healthy dose of conspiracy theories for which he was on thinner yet entertaining ground. He eventually went off air to deal with some challenging medical issues, and we thought out of our lives forever.

But now he is back in the mix as an apparently successful artist today rather than political prognosticator. To raise money for charity, Beck placed an advertisement on Ebay for his masterpiece which you can see above. The Obama Pee Pee auction was well over $10,000 by the time liberals began complaining to the online auction site. The advertisement was pulled without any explanation from the site. Read more details here.

So is Obama in a jar of urine art? I’ll leave that judgment to you, my dear readers. With hundreds of bids and a value of $11,300 (and rapidly rising) by the time the ad was removed, clearly the marketplace is labeling it art. And rather valuable art at that, selling for more money than many artists can make in an entire year.

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