On last night′s episode of Doomsday Preppers on NatGeo TV, we met two families in Texas who are ready for a terrorist attack using a dirty bomb. Dr. Tom and his buddy, Steve, are both from Houston and are prepping for a radiological weapon. These are a ′poor man′s nuke′, basically a conventional explosive device jacketed with radioactive scrap from hospitals and or nuclear power plants. While not a true weapon of mass destruction, since they are neither fission nor fusion devices, a dirty bomb is still a weapon of mass terrorism. The goal of which is to contaminate a large city and make it difficult to clean or to continue living there.

doomsday preppers dirty bomb
Are you radioactive? Watch Doomsday Preppers to find out! Image Credit: National Geographic.

Dr. Tom has been prepping for a decade and has invested some $2 Million dollars. Along with weapons, food, etc., he has a 700-acre spread of land some 300 miles away from Houston. Upon which, he has designed and built a fortified home which he calls ′The Alamo.′ Dr. Tom, along with his wife and three children, drill regularly on their escape or bug-out plan. The land sits a top part of a large aquifer, so fresh water may not be a problem and there appears to be adequate game to hunt and live off of.

His buddy, Steve has only been prepping for the past four years and still has much to learn. But as a certified radiation inspector, Steve is well aware of the dangers of radioactive waste material and his expertise is appreciated by Dr. Tom. So, in the event of a dirty bomb attack on Houston, Steve will also bug out and join Dr. Tom at The Alamo.

Steve′s family, namely his 12-year old daughter Victoria, does not appear to be as keen on all this prepper business. Dr. Tom′s children, ranging in age from 17, 12 and 6, have been raised on being a prepper and play a crucial role in the family′s defense plans. We watch as Dr. Tom arranged for a surprise drill with the local sheriffs department attacking his compound. Once capturing Tom, his wife and 17-year old daughter, the two younger sons cave in and surrendered their AR-15 rifles. Not a good day! But lessons were learned and they move forward.

Meanwhile, Steve and his family do a bug out drill in full protective gear escaping Houston. Must be quite a sight driving down the freeway in an NBC suit, even in Texas! Dr. Tom adds a twist to their drill, confronting them with weapons drawn as they attempt to access The Alamo. After that test, Dr. Tom and Steve then experiment with some homemade I.E.D. landmines. They set one off from an elevated hunting blind, but Steve′s rifle is so loud that Dr. Tom is stunned and loses his hearing temporarily. For a moment it seems that Steve may be severed as part of The Alamo′s residents.

But by the end of the day, Dr. Tom′s hearing is back and all is well between Steve and he. The Doomsday Prepper experts from National Geographic score their plans with a 73, giving them at least 15 months of survival following a disaster scenario. Steve needs to brush up on his weapon skills and contribute to the group′s food supply. Since the visit from NatGeo TV, Dr. Tom has opened the ′Doomsday Academy′ at The Alamo to home school his children.