Tonight, I will present a short list of some of my favorite, interesting political ironies, with a short analysis. After the political ironies, we will look at the Al Smith Dinner, one of my favorite parts of the campaign:

“The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever, to 46 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.” Their stated reason for the policy is because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”

American political philosophy is entirely based on this one subject- What is the role of Government in the lives of the people? This is politically describing the American Liberal, and the American Conservative Philosophies for the extent of government.

“If you want total security, go to prison. There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking… is freedom.”- President Eisenhower.

Sounds a bit like American Liberalism to me. I like Ike!

“All Politicians should be required to wear uniforms like Racing Car Drivers with patches showing the donations received from special interest groups so we know who has paid them off!”- John Wallace.

This brings up a novel debate, what is the role of corporations in American politics? Do corporations and people have the right to spend their money freely, with their first amendment rights to free-speech, or are American elections supposed to remain free from corporate bailouts? The debate of Citizens United will probably be one of the most controversial cases in American History, as it has such large grey area accommodating it.

“I was actually hoping the president would bring Joe Biden along this evening, ‘cause he’ll laugh at anything.”- Mitt Romney, Al Smith Dinner

Joe Biden’s laughing was extremely uncomfortable and unprofessional of the Vice President. It’s amazing we have such a hooligan in office.

“Usually when I get invited to gatherings like this, it’s just to be the designated driver.”- Mitt Romney, Al Smith Dinner

For religious reasons, Governor Romney does not drink alcohol. In fact, he’s only had one beer in his entire lifetime, and that was when he was in high school. Romney clearly has a great since of humor, and although many of the jokes by both candidates are self-deprecating, this one lays the groundwork and tops the rest. Governor Romney appears like an ordinary, everyday American.

“My job is to lay out a positive vision for the future of the country, and their (the press) job is to make sure no one else finds out about it.”- MItt Romney, Al Smith Dinner

These days, Politics is the Republicans vs. Debbie Wasserman Shultz and her pals in the Newsroom. Governor Romney points this out, and gets a huge laugh out of the crowd.

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