Let me be first to say, I applaude John McCain’s service to his country. He really sacrificed a lot for his country. No doubt he is a war hero. However, I do not believe that John McCain should be President of the United States. He is a certified RINO. Why do I disagree with John McCain? My list is as follows:

1. The guy claims to be a deficit hawk. However, did he remember how much the Amnesty Bill would have cost? I forgot he does not currently support Amnesty, even though he claims that he would sign it – if passed in Congress.

2. AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS – I can not swallow this one. Why should we reward criminal and/or illegal behavior?

3. Justices Alito and Roberts – would McCain even support both of these justices? McCain says “No” to Alito, who he claims “wore his conservatism on his sleeves.” McCain sponsored so called Campaign Finance Reform (CFR) aka the Incumbents Protection Act. Do you really think that he would appoint justices like Alito and Roberts who were against CFR?

4. Bush’s Tax Cuts – McCain used the “class warfare” language of the Democrats to be against the tax cuts initially. Specifically, he said that they were too expensive and they benefited the rich. His “tax cut” included several increases to business taxes.

Finally, I can not stand the way McCain has attacked Mitt Romney. He has not told the truth about Romney’s statements about the “surge.”

In 2004, a book was written indicating that John Kerry was Unfit for Command. I simply write that John McCain, who is running as a Republican, is not Fit for the Presidency.