China and the United States have a very unique relationship. The United States depends on China for China’s cheap labor and inexpensive products, and for loans, and China depends on the United States to keep their businesses producing goods. Both could not survive without each other, yet we are strategic enemies and are in an outstanding arms race. This arms race expanded today, as China revealed their new military capabilities: They have landed a fighter Jet on a carrier.

“We should make active planning for the use of military forces in peacetime, expand and intensify military preparedness, and enhance the capability to accomplish a wide range of military tasks, the most important of which is to win local war in an information age,” Chinese President Hu said, describing this new achievement.

The Chinese government has increased their military spending by over 11% this year, and 12% last year. It is a known fact that the Chinese are in an arms race with the United States, and that the Chinese are making military developments 10x as fast as we are. We are considerably ahead of the Chinese, but at the rate this movement is going, we won’t always be.

And yet, President Obama is cutting the Pentagon’s budgets by hundreds of billions of dollars over the decade. Not only is China a threat to the United States, but the cold war with Russia never ended. Iran is on the verge of nuclear weapons. North Korea is the most hostile it is has ever been since the Korean war. Terrorist groups, including Hamas, Al Quaeda, Hezbollah, and Palestinean Islamic Jihad, are growing rapidly and expanding drastically.

Still, among all the dangers in the world, President Obama is cutting the Pentagon’s budget by hundreds of billions of dollars.

Did I mention the Drug Cartels in Mexico, the still-in-power Rual Castro in Cuba, and Hugo Chavez’ control over the oil industry in Venezuela? What about the nearly closed Strait of Hormuz, the Muslim brotherhood controlling Egypt, and a murderous regime in Syria? What about Lebanon’s border fight with Israel, and don’t forget- 1000 rockets hit Israel not a mere week ago. What about the Arab Spring?

President Obama, I have a message for you. Please do not deteriorate the military, please restore those defense cuts.

And with China now having the ability to land planes on a carrier, this is the time to protect the United States. I’d be much more comfortable with a Romney Presidency in the case of Foreign Affairs, something I believe the President is extremely lacking on.

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