Since the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama, there has been a steady drumbeat coming from the RINO wing of the GOP against Grover Norquist and the anti-tax pledges. The latest to bolt is Sen. Saxby Chambliss, the old coot from Georgia. Mind you, while claiming to be a ′conservative′, Chambliss has been a ′card-carrying′ member of the ′Gang of Six′, a bipartisan group of senators working on a compromise to the debt crisis for well over a year and a half. Not only are Republicans beginning to waiver to promises not to let income tax rates increase, but now they seem ready to allow for gasoline taxes to go up in order to acquire more federal revenue. Have we forgotten what the real problem is? That we are spending too much?

saxby chambliss RINO

Currently, the federal government siphons a bit more than $3 Trillion dollars annually from us and the economy. Obama and his regime is spending well over $4 Trillion per year. Even when the politicians do talk about cutting spending, they usually only refer to cutting future spending increases. The magic of ′base-line-budgeting′ gives plenty of wiggle-room to avoid The Truth. Even Paul Ryan′s Budget 2.0 reflects this, with little to no real spending cuts, just reductions in the rate of spending increases, allowing the economy to grow its way back to a balanced budget.

The reason for the change in attitude is the misguided reasoning as to why Mitt Romney failed to defeat Barack Obama. The 2012 election should have been the easiest Republican presidential victory in history. Instead, it has turned into not only the largest missed opportunity, but now appears to have become an excuse for the RINO Establishment to purge the GOP of several key core groups, such as the fiscal and social Conservatives. We are now told that America wants nationalized healthcare, wants free contraceptives, wants amnesty for illegal immigrants, wants unrestricted abortions and wants to tax job creators out of existence.

This, of course, is not true. But the few candidates who actually had banners of bold colors, such as Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and yes, even Rick Perry, were readily dismissed by the RINO Establishment as being too Far-Right to get elected. Cain′s ′9-9-9′ plan was about the simplest and easiest message to promote. Even Mitt Romney had to trash his original 59-point economic plan and adopt, but not give credit, to Newt′s 5-point plan. Romney, the palest of all pastels, only made one bold move during his campaign, selecting Paul Ryan to run with him. Yet, Mitt failed to properly define Ryan′s pro-growth budget plan to the voters.

Talking with a contact to the Beltway Insiders, I was asked what the theme of the GOP convention was? My reply was to paraphrase Captain Willard from ″Apocalypse Now″ saying, ″I really didn′t see any theme at all.″ My contact explained that usually, during a convention is when the party spells out their agenda to the nation. But the Romney convention failed to do so, with one exception – Clint Eastwood! He laid out the mission very simply and was not afraid to confront the enemies of Obama and the Welfare State. Several weeks before the election, and following the convention, I had written an article echoing this, calling on Romney to do a 60-minute infomercial much like Ross Perot did in 1992. Explain the problems and solutions in the clearest, simplest terms that any voter could understand.

Say what you want about Grover Norquist, he understands that raising taxes are never a good thing for an economy. Worse yet when you have an economy as weak as ours currently is. Obama might be focusing his eyes on just the top 1%, but they represent the top 3% of small businesses which have created nearly 50% of all jobs in past few years. We are already seeing how companies are lining up to purge their labor force in order to soften the blow that Obama-Care will cause. Adding higher tax rates to businesses, considering how we have some of the highest rates already in the world, along with raising the federal gasoline tax rate, will only serve to further slow down the economy and cause more unemployment.

If RINOs like Sen. Saxby Chambliss are now going to revolt from the Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge, compromise and give Barack Obama a free hand in raising revenues without any real spending cuts, then the game is over and it is time to seriously look at forming a new political party. The other, more simpler alternative is to purge the GOP of the RINOs and begin a new process of educating voters on what the Republican Party really should stand for.