Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is regarded as a very liberal member of the House of Representatives, and was recently re-elected to his House seat… while living in a mental hospital. According to the research I have conducted, he has been living in this mental hospital for health reasons since June, after his diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. just resigned from his seat in the US House of Representatives, serving since 1995. What I question is that he’s been incapable of performing his duties as Representative since June, yet he ran for re-election. Then, nearly 2 weeks after his re-election, he resigns, which will cost the taxpayers several million dollars to hold a special election.

He was also undergoing federal investigation for misusing and misreporting campaign funds, but that is a different story.

An avid opposer of the extended activity in Iraq, an advocate of higher minimum wage laws and business regulation, and an environmentalist, he was regarded as an extremely liberal member of the House. He represents the minority-majority sections of Chicago, and won re-election handily every year. I would love to see the Republican Party nominate a strong candidate for this congressional district’s special election, and I would love to see a fight.

I don’t question that it is an extremely liberal district, and I don’t question whether or not we could win this House seat. I do not think that it will become a Republican seat. But what if we put up such a fight that the election was far closer than previous elections (In 2010, Representative Jackson won nearly 80% of the vote), and we cut the margin down? A 70% win for the Democrat would be a win for the Republican party in terms of the history of the seat.

The last time this seat was held by a Republican was in the 1950’s. Let me repeat my statement- we will not win this seat. But we can definitely put up a strong fight.

Putting up a strong fight would manifest discontent with the Democrat party and their policies, which could be an indicator and precursor to the 2014 midterm elections. 2014’s midterm elections will be dominated by Senate seats held by mostly Democrats, of whom won in 2008 simply because President Obama swept them into office. This includes my own Senator, Democrat Kay Hagan, who I do not believe will win re-election.

I wish health and healing to you and your family, Representative.

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