While most of you are busy shopping on Black Friday, I will recap the premier episode of Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory which dealt with the Reptilian Agenda. Yes, the series returned to TruTV with a huge audience of about 1.6 million viewers. Not only was the subject of how British royalty, like Queen Elizabeth II, and most of our presidents, including Barack Hussein Obama, are those fun-loving, child-eating, shape-shifting reptilian hybrids who rule the Earth, but we even have a confrontation between Jesse Ventura and the infamous David Icke, Father of the Reptilian Agenda. So, did the Obama-Mama sleep with a reptilian alien at the Holiday Inn near Paramus, NJ?

jesse ventura reptilians

Okay, I know what you are going to say. Ghostbusters II was not as good as the original. Hey, its still a funny movie and better than most of the crud coming out of Hollywood these days! Anyway, so Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory returns for a third season. Now, he is not a big believer in the reptilian conspiracy, but his son, Tyrel, and Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, convince Jesse to investigate. After all, the Reptilian Agenda made the top ten in Time Magazine′s most believed conspiracy list. Mind you, it was Number 10.

Jesse meets Tracy Twyman in some dark cave to start his probe in the subject. Twyman wears sunglasses in the cave, looking like one of the ′Visitors′ from the old mini-series, ″V″. She tells Jesse that it all started with the ancient Sumerians. How a race of aliens known as the Anunnaki came to Earth to conquer us some 8,000 years ago. Since then, they have established a hybrid human-reptilian ruling class. Oddly enough, many of our presidents do share the bloodline of the British royalty, considered direct descendents of the Anunnaki.

Meanwhile, Tyrel Ventura meets up with video expert Jose Escamilia, who shows recordings at extremely slow speeds where the Queen and Obama do a little shape-shifting. The eyes are the thing to watch as they go into ′slit-mode′, which is to say vertical like a reptile. June Sarpong meets with Clyde Lewis, another believer, who tells her that the Reptilian Agenda is to depopulate the Earth by about 85% of the humans. A woman named Susan Reed learned of this, wrote a book about it and then died a mysterious death. Cue the ′X File′ theme!

Sean Stone takes Tyrel to meet Jajoulia Kuita, or Jajou for short, who thinks that she is a shape-shifting reptilian. They also bring along a psychic Sean knows, Cassandra Van Dam, who connects Jajou with her alien family on a distant planet. Tyrel gets freaked out when he sees Jajou′s eyes change! Jesse hooks up with a Reptilian hunter named John Rhodes, who takes Jesse and his team to a military base near Dulce, NM. Rhodes claims that there is a massive underground facility there used by the Reptilians but run by another race of space aliens. Sean brings along another psychic he knows, Anya Briggs, who freaks out from bad vibes she picks up. The aliens are warning her to stay away as the team searches for an entrance.

But Jesse Ventura is not convinced, so he chats with his pal, Alex Jones, who tells Jesse that he needs to go to the source, David Icke. Icke is a former British sports caster who one day discovered that he was a ″son of God″ and dedicated his life to exposing the Reptilians. Not a bad gig, either, earning about $2 million a year between books, videos, lectures and his website. Jesse Ventura confronts David Icke in Cleveland, Ohio where Icke is about to deliver another of his nine-hour long lectures. But this turns out to be another dry hole as Icke wants Jesse to sit for his lecture and gives him nothing but the run-around. Jesse cops an attitude and Icke storms off, telling Ventura he ″can go f-off!″

So Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory concludes that the whole Reptilian Agenda thing is nothing but bunk. Jesse sees this as a dodge, where people can accept their helplessness to world events by blaming super-powerful aliens instead of stupid humans, like Barack Hussein Obama, who can be voted out of office. The show was entertaining, especially the confrontation between Jesse Ventura and David Icke. Not a bad start for the third season of the show on TruTV. Happy Black Friday you holiday shoppers!