So Hillary Clinton falls asleep during Barack Obama′s speech in Myanmar. I have to say, ′big deal!′ Not like I haven′t fallen asleep when Obama speaks. The guy is boring! I mean incredibly dull and monotonous. It′s not like Obama is going to say anything interesting or enlightening. But, I suppose that seeing as how it was an important trip to Southeast Asia, maybe Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should have had herself a Red Bull before attending the speech at the University of Yangon. Especially when Obama praises Thein Sein, former member of the junta who has now turned into a political reformer.

hillary falls asleep

I know, it′s kind of thin, no pun intended. I would prefer thinking that Obama went to Myanmar seeking J. Peterman or to score some high octane opium. Just think of all the fun he would have turning Air Force One into his own flying ′Chum Wagon′, filling the plane’s interior with a thick cloud of sickly-sweet smoke for some ′Total Absorption′. Such would take Obama back to the days of his care-free youth.

Obama speaking makes watching grass grow exciting. He has not one original thought in his empty head. Having to sit there and listen to him drone on about some topic, usually making himself the center of any subject, is probably something CIA agents to use instead of water-boarding hapless victims. Having to pay attention to Obama for more than 30 seconds is close to torture and should be against the Geneva Convention.

I′ll give Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a pass as she falls asleep during the Barack Obama speech at the University of Yangon in Myanmar. Maybe she could not find a can of Red Bull in the Southeast Asia country? Or, maybe she is not as impressed with the reformist changes by Thein Sein? Hillary is leaving the State Department soon so she really does not care. Give the girl a break! Obama is about as dull a speaker as they come.