No, Jesse Ventura and his Conspiracy Theory team did not time travel back to the first Thanksgiving Day with the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. But they did investigate claims made by a former Carter administration adviser, Alfred Webre and an actual time traveler, or chrononaut, Andrew Basiago concerning a DARPA-CIA time travel experiment. Along the way we touch base with the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Chair, and other goodies leading us to Project Pegasus. This was an alleged program which sent 140 children between the ages of 7 through 11 back through time to intervene in historical events. Basagio was one of these children who claims to have been photographed while attending Abraham Lincoln′s Gettysburg Address. He also says that another child in the program was none other than Barack Hussein Obama!

jesse ventura time travel

So, not only is Barack Obama a secret Muslim born in Kenya, but apparently a time traveler, too! Will wonders never cease?!?! Jesse Ventura has a hard time buying what he is being told by Alfred Webre. Even the part about how Donald Rumsfeld had photos of the jetliners hitting the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 back in the early 1970s. Is Webre like other Carter staffers, like Bob Beckel, who once passed out under Carter′s Christmas tree stoned from booze and cocaine? Perhaps so, but it wouldn′t be a good conspiracy otherwise!

One thing does strike Ventura as odd is that the Chinese government censors any mention of time travel in their media. That red flag is enough to send his team of investigators on the hunt. The team meets with Dr. Franklin Reuhl, a physicist who claims that time travel started in the 1930s at Princeton University after Albert Einstein arrived. He brings up the whole Philadelphia Experiment story, as told by Morris Jessup on how a warship, the USS Eldridge was teleported using a space-time device. Preston Nichols tells June Sarpong about the Montauk Chair, part of a CIA psychic experiment at a base on Long Island near the town of Montauk. Could people travel to other times and dimensions using just their minds? Sean Stone′s friend, the psychic Anya Briggs, believes so, as she has consoled some Montauk test subjects.

Tyrel Ventura buys a time machine on the Internet! Invented by one Steven Gibbs, the device is supposed to aid people using their mental powers to find energy vortices that are pathways through the space-time continuum. His dad, Jesse, is suspicious, but what the heck, it only cost $13! So they meet an expert, Stewart Swedlow at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, allegedly a site for just such a vortex. But nothing happens and Jesse is frustrated. He wants to see people vanishing into other dimensions.

Meanwhile, June meets with Robert Caruso, ′the Man in the White Van′! This character is always amusing as he seems to be hitting on June. When she mentions that she is looking for somebody named Basagio, Caruso immediately knows she means Andrew Basagio of Project Pegssus. When she asks if he is aware of time travel experiments, he replies, ″How astute of you.″

So Jesse Ventura and his team meet up with Andrew Basagio. They hear the whole tale of the DARPA-CIA experiment that sent children through small fissures in the space-time continuum. Some journeyed into the future to learn who would become presidents one day. Basagio knew Obama was part of the project and claims he also met with Bill Clinton and both H.W. Bush and George W. Bush as they had been identified as future presidents to be groomed for leadership. Donald Rumsfeld is fingered as in charge of the project. He later tries to convince Jesse Ventura that he was the young boy pictured in the foreground at the Gettysburg Address. Basagio also claims that he met George Washington who thought Basagio was an angel sent with predictions for America′s future.

At the conclusion of Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory, Jesse still is not buying time travel. He thinks that Andrew Basagio probably believes he really did go back in time, but is merely another victim of another government experiment gone wrong. Given that Obama was allegedly involved, it is obvious that somebody made a huge mistake along the way. If Obama really had been groomed to become president the past 40 years, then perhaps we can blame it on the general incompetence of our government? Such that will always fail in the end to achieve goals like universal healthcare and unlimited entitlements.