Chris Christie, who I used to be a fan of (But am no longer) just got an endorsement I’m sure he didn’t want. With him essentially campaigning for President in 2016, the endorsements will start rolling in. But one is probably unwanted by him, and could seriously hurt his standing in the party.

He got endorsed by… MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. That has to be wrong, that can’t be so! Chris Matthews?

“Well, the man has style. And I think most people in New Jersey would say, as Peggy Noonan said in her column right before the election, he will be popular in New Jersey. He won’t be so popular in Republican Party circles because he did seem to help the president there a bit. Although Nate Silver and others don’t think it was the reason he won or anything.”

“But I do think he has style. And I know in Philadelphia where I keep in touch, and South Jersey, they love him. Regular people in my family and they’re very regular people —they like him because that ‘at-ey-tude’ — as we say in Philly, we pronounce it that way — ‘at-ey-tude.’”

“And the fact he is able to tell somebody on a call-in show ‘it’s none of your business where my kids go to school,’ people really like that attitude. They’re sick of politicians being so politically correct and careful. If you can occasionally show real personality, they love you. That was Romney’s problem. The sense the lights are on but is there anybody there? Whereas this guy, this it big guy in so many ways, you know he’s always there. Spontaneity — leaders have to be three things. They have to have a mission, a motive in life, we’ll find out what his is. They have to have passion, this guy has got that. And they got to have spontaneity, and this guy has got spontaneity. You wake him up in the morning, he’ll tell you something. And I think that’s what people want to have in a politician.”

These were Chris Matthew’s words, describing Chris Christie.

For those of you who don’t know, Chris Christie is the current Governor of New Jersey. I used to like him, and I liked him a lot. I thought he was aggressive and bold. I thought he had talent. But then he semi-betrayed Governor Romney, whom I support greatly. He came out and publicly praised President Obama about his response to the hurricane, to the extent that it looked as if they were great friends. I wouldn’t care if he praised the President, but he praised him so much that it may have influenced voters, and did so extremely close to the election.

Many voters voted based on the President’s hurricane response, according to the exit polls. Does Governor Christie’s large praise of the President correlate with this? There is a good chance, but we will never know.

Then, after the election, Governor Christie called the President to congratulate him immediately afterwards, and only emailed Governor Romney. He proceeded to make multiple attacks on Governor Romney in the days and weeks afterwards, critizing him on everything, including his ‘gifts’ comments to Romney’s and numerous other things. There is also speculation that Governor Christie denied Romney a visit to New Jersey immediately following the hurricane.

He’s already started running for President in 2016. His convention speech was nearly all about him and what he has done in New Jersey, and he’s practically campaigning for the office.

Because of his influence in this past election, and his attacking Governor Romney, I have made a commitment that I will not support his probable candidacy for President. And I am not alone. Nearly every Republican I have talked to have told me that they won’t vote for him in the primaries because of this, and they would seriously consider voting against him in the general election all because of his actions against Governor Romney.

Some have even told me that they are going to write a $250 check to the person who gets the Democratic Nomination for Governor in New Jersey simply because they want Christie to lose re-election.

And these were the same people who donated to Christie in is 2010 election.

And Chris Matthews’ near-endorsement of Governor Christie may have just secured the deal for me in the primaries.

Wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving!

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