Jesse Ventura is back with Conspiracy Theory, Season 3 and his 2012 line up includes probing the Death Ray mystery. The series airs Wednesday nights on TruTV. Rumors of the government working on death rays have been around since Nikola Tesla claimed to have designed one in the early 1940s just prior to his death. Ventura follows a trail, including talks with former ′Star Wars′ or SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) scientists like Dr. Fred Bell and John Hutchison. He also has a new spin on the 9/11 attacks against the Twin Towers after talking with Dr. Judy Wood, who thinks a directed-energy weapon was responsible. This season, Conspiracy Theory becomes a family affair with Jesse′s son Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, joining investigators June Sarpong and Michael Braverman.

directed energy weapon

The series came to a screeching halt early in 2011 after Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory probed into FEMA camps on an episode concerning how America is becoming a police state. Then there was Ventura filing a lawsuit against Homeland Security and the TSA on warrant-less ′pat-downs′ and intrusive, and perhaps dangerous body scans. Pressure was put on Time Warner to cancel the series, but according to insiders, namely Tyrel Ventura, the show was put on hold while production changes, including staff, were made.

The first episode focused on the ′Reptilian Agenda′, which I′ll review later this week. But the Death Ray episode was fun, especially because it involves some really bizarre people. Add to that how Dr. Fred Bell, who once worked for NASA before joining an SDI project in the 1980s, died of ′natural causes′ within 48 hours after talking with Jesse Ventura. Indeed, as Ventura and his team soon learn, many scientists and engineers associated with SDI met a sudden or mysterious death. John Hutchison demonstrates some of his home-made experiments on directed energy weapons.

This is where Jesse Ventura becomes a believer, reversing his previous position that nano-thermite explosives were used in a ′false-flag′ event bringing down the Twin Towers on 9/11. Metal pieces subjected to Hutchison′s devices closely resemble debris Ventura saw from the Twin Towers. This leads him to meet with Dr. Judy Wood, a civil engineer who claims that the amount of debris from the Twin Towers is about 25% short. She thinks a directed-energy weapon ′dustified′ the buildings. Hutchison also showed Ventura a small, pocket-sized laser that could burn human flesh, as well as through metal. Could such a weapon be used to eliminate SDI scientists? Was Fred Bell killed for talking with Ventura?

So if you are bored or need a good chuckle, Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory is back in 2012 for Season 3. Episode Two deals with Death Rays, a technology believed to being developed by our government since the 1940s when Nikola Tesla claimed to have designed one. SDI scientists like John Hutchison and Dr. Fred Bell confirm to Ventura that death rays are real and being used. Dr. Judy Wood thinks a directed-energy weapon was used to bring down the Twin Towers on 9/11. So fire up the popcorn in the microwave and grab a beer! Facing four more years of Barack Hussein Obama is enough for us to be suspicious of anything. New episodes air on TruTV every Wednesday night.