On election night, Chris Matthews said out loud what many liberals in the media were thinking…

I’m so glad we had that storm last week because I think the storm was one of those things. No, politically I should say. Not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.

What the storm brought was the ability of the media to laud the president for doing basically nothing other than looking presidential. There’s no proof that FEMA handled the Hurricane Sandy disaster any better than it handled the Hurricane Katrina disaster, yet the press lauded the president for his “leadership” and mocked Romney for his work to organize a disaster response from the public. I guess you have to be liberal before you get respect for being a community organizer.

But conservatives have long known about the left-tilt of the mainstream media. Liberals dominate most areas of the media, and they’re not afraid to peddle their worldview for all to see.

That said, it’s helpful to offer definitive evidence of this, which the Pew Research Center did this week when it released data showing that, in the last week of the election, media coverage turned largely positive for the president. At the same time, media coverage of Romney stayed largely negative, with the media twice as likely to run negative stories about Romney as positive. This is what conservative candidates have long had to endure, constant negative press which makes it that much harder for them to win elections.

The 2012 campaign, however, was epic in this sense. We’ve long known Chris Matthews, with his out-of-the-closet man crush on Obama, to be the King of Liberal Media Bias. But the Queen of Liberal Media Bias was newly crowned in 2012. Her name is Candy Crowley and she actively interrupted Romney during the second debate to defend the president on a point where she and the president were both incorrect. Never before in the history of presidential debates has a moderator joined the debate to defend a candidate. Now that this precedent has been set, I’m sure future Republican presidential candidates will have to deal with similar tactics.

But the Hurricane Sandy disaster was an excuse by many in the media to not only laud the president for doing what any president should do, but also to largely ignore Romney. Which, of course, is why you have Matthews saying in a moment of clarity what most liberals in the mainstream press had been thinking for a week; “thank goodness Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast and gave us a chance to make Obama look good for a change.” Of course the storm “brought in possibilities for good politics.” It brought the possibility of undoing the momentum that Romney had built up for himself in October. And the mainstream press was thrilled to have the opportunity. To millions, Hurricane Sandy was a disaster they may never fully recover from. To media liberals, it was a Godsend!

There is a silver lining is all of this. Fortunately for conservatives, Romney will not be inheriting the mess President Obama left for him. This time, Obama inherits his own mess.