It’s quite upsetting to be reading about and hearing about the violence in the Middle East. I pray for everybody in the line of fire, and I stand with Israel in this time of crisis. Many media outlets have painted Israel has the aggressor, as the country on the offense, and have attacked Israel over ‘Civilian deaths.’

But the fact of the matter is simple; Civilian deaths are not actual civilian deaths, these are fake deaths or the use of human shields for the media coverage. Yes, human shields. The media paints Israel as the civilian killer, the aggressor, and the bad guy. People buy into this, and they believe it. But it is simply not true.

A Yahoo article I read today was describing the life of Gaza Citizens during this time of crisis, and it was pulling on the heartstrings of the reader, trying to gain sympathies for those in Gaza. But if you read the full article, you will find that one of the few people the journalist talked to when writing this article said the following:

“But a few minutes after that, we start to cheer and laugh when we see another rocket landing in Tel Aviv…” The article may be found here. This is despicable and disgusting. With literally thousands of rockets and missiles hitting Israel in the past week, including several hitting the capital, Jerusalem, and the New York City of Israel, Tel Aviv, there is no wonder Israel is performing retaliatory strikes on the Gaza strip.

Thousands and thousands of rockets and missiles. Hundreds of rocket and missile interceptions by the Israeli Iron Dome, which has saved hundreds of lives. But beyond these rockets and missiles, Hamas is going after their own people.

Hamas deploys these missiles and rockets from residential areas in civilian homes. They store weapons in peoples’ apartment complexes, along with bomb making materials strewn throughout residential areas in the Gaza strip. When they deploy the missiles, they line up children, women, and the elderly on the roofs of these buildings. When Israel needs to perform its retaliatory strike to remove the missile and rocket threat, these children are waiting on the roofs.

Israel knows about this and tries to prevent it. They send out warning letters airdropped from the sky, along with media warnings and many others. Israel will not make a strike if there are visible human shields that have been deployed by Hamas, but of the time they are concealed (The people on the roof or in the building). These are human shields that Hamas considers ‘Civilian deaths.’ There is video and photographic evidence of all this, along with Hamas officials admitting to this practice.

Hamas then counts the militants killed by the Israeli Defense Forces as ‘Civilian Deaths.’ The media just loves all of this, and they’ll play along, like Yahoo did. The media takes it and runs, and imagine- if they liberal media didn’t feed the Gaza Strip with sympathy, where would Hamas be today?

Hamas uses civilian buildings for weapon storage and weapon building. These buildings are then destroyed by the Israeli Defense Forces, and Israel looks like the bad guy for destroying an apartment complex.

All of this is happening while Hamas is sending hundreds of rockets and missiles a day into Israel. All of this is happening while Hamas is rejecting the ceasefire agreements Israel has put forward. Bibi Netanyahu has stated that he would like there to be a diplomatic solution to this crisis, but that Israel is prepared to invade Gaza if necessary.

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