The recently dramatic Spain suicides caused by evictions and foreclosures have led to a new law preventing banks from acting on bad mortgages for at least two years. A woman named Amaia Egana, an active member of Spain′s Socialist Party, leaped from her 6th floor balcony when officials came to evict her and change the locks on her apartment. While she survived the fall, paramedics were unable to keep her alive as they sped her to a hospital. The economy in Spain is in horrendous condition after decades of Progressive policies. With a national unemployment rate of about 25%, and more than 400,000 already evicted from their homes and dwellings for failure to pay, the situation is dire and growing more desperate. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has been working with the European Union seeking more bailout money. But now with the new law, The EU′s Court of Justice advocate general, Juliane Kokott, claims that the new anti-eviction law violates some of the EU′s consumer protection laws which Spain must comply with.

Spain suicides

All of this is making for one huge mess as Spain continues to decline economically. The country further hampered itself with a major push towards adopting green energy technology, costly the nation billions of Euros and eliminating two or more jobs for each new one created. A program which Barack Hussein Obama wishes to import to the United States. Let′s face it, another four years of Obama will probably lead to us seeing a rise in suicides here as well.

Will the recent increase in Spain suicides of a woman, Amaia Egana, cause any other new laws? Will Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy be able to resolve the new anti-eviction law with European Union Court of Justice advocate general Juilane Kokott in order to get more EU bailout cash? Will any of this really matter so long as Spain and the rest of the EU continue down the path of a Progressive, Socialist agenda, similar to that which Barack Hussein Obama wants here in the United States? Time will tell but do not wait too long!