Israel has called up some 75,000 reservists in preparation for a potential ground war in Gaza against the terrorist group, Hamas. For the past several days, some 450 rockets have been launched by Hamas against Israel, including some Iranian-built, long-ranged rockets capable of hitting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Egypt has now entered the game as well, with the Muslim Brotherhood government vowing to support Hamas. Several rockets fired Friday night into Israel came from Egyptian-held territory in the Sinai Peninsula. So far, Israel has been dishing out counterstrikes as quickly as possible, targeting rocket launching sites which are usually located in urban areas. Their ′Iron Dome′ rocket-defense missiles have stopped about 100 Hamas-fired rockets, leading Israel to deploy additional batteries of Iron Dome during this heightened state of emergency.

israel iron dome

Is it any wonder that Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are flexing their muscles now at this point? After the perceived weakness of America after the Benghazi consulate attack, and the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama, the enemies of Israel think they have a free hand now to act. Many here in the United States believe that we should not involve ourselves in the troubles of the MidEast. That we as a nation are ′war-wary′ and will not stomach another military intervention, even in the case of Iran seeking nuclear weapons. But then, these same people are living in Israel under the threat of a rocket interrupting their evening meal.

Israel will fight if pushed hard enough, even if it means taking on both Hamas in Gaza and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The entire region is volatile with the ongoing civil war in Syria, renewed terrorism by Hezbollah in Lebanon and Muslim extremists in Jordan. The Iraqis just released a leader of Hezbollah this week, who undoubtedly is making his way to Lebanon, perhaps to also take part in attacks against Israel. Even with their Iron Dome defense system, Israel is still being raked by hundreds of cheap rockets launched by Hamas. The potential for a ground war in Gaza, and perhaps the whole Middle East, is growing more likely by the hour. Thanks in part due to the lack of leadership from Barack Hussein Obama and the United States.