I recommend you take in those extra calories and eat a Twinkie, or three. And do so before all the stores sell out. The labor negotiations between Hostess, the maker of Twinkies and Ding Dong’s, and the unions have stalled, and the unions won’t budge. As a result of union pressure on companies to spend more money, all 18,000 employees of Hostess were laid off today with factory operations permanently suspended.

The company is liquidating their remaining assets, and will be selling all remaining, unsold deserts. All will be gone in a matter of days. Let me reiterate- this next Twinkie you eat will likely be the last you eat. You will probably never eat another one again, and your children the same. Your grandchildren won’t even know what a Twinkie is.

This is all because of greedy goals of the unions that backfired; The unions’ claim that their goal is to provide better pay, benefits, and work hours and conditions for their employees. I question these goals, and I wonder why certain Union Presidents make $500,000 a year, but that’s a different post for another time. This goal of theirs was to provide for the employees, to represent them. But they won’t have any employees to represent anymore.

The company couldn’t afford the conditions laid out by the unions. Hostess put up with strike after strike by the employees, only getting to a major cash flow crisis. Now, all the employees have been laid off, and it’s all because of the unions and their massive inflexibility to work with the companies.

People don’t like unions, as displayed in the recall election of Governor Scott Walker. Companies don’t like unions, as the unions cost the company future sales, and increase their expenses and regulations. Union representation is a myth, the unions aren’t fighting for the union workers, they are simply fighting for the union bosses and their salaries.

I am on the Right to Work Foundation’s email list, I recall getting constant emails all about Union violence and false union representation.

Not only are unions bad for business, they are bad for the union members themselves. The unions are also hurting our children, people like myself. Being in school, I know that there are some really bad teachers. In a non-Right to Work state, it would have taken them over 3 years to be fired because of these very unions.

Well, congrats. You’ve gotten rid of jobs, money, and education. And now the Twinkie, Ding Dong’s, and all the other delicious Hostess snacks that Americans have come to love and enjoy.

I strongly urge you to enjoy those last Hostess products. My personal favorite is the Ding Dong, something of which I will dearly miss, all thanks to the union.

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