Barack Obama held a press conference yesterday, his first in eight months, and defended Susan Rice concerning her role in the Benghazi Gate scandal. Of the ten questions asked Obama at the White House, only two dealt with the tragedy at Benghazi, Libya. Earlier in the day, Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte, all called for a special joint committee to probe the terrorist attack on our consulate and its annex. The GOP senators also vowed to block Susan Rice, our ambassador to the United Nations, from being promoted and replacing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. During the presser, Obama confirmed that Rice appeared on five Sunday morning talk shows on behalf of the White House and merely regurgitated whatever ′intelligence′ was provided to her. To the Republican senators, Obama quipped that ″want to go after somebody, they should go after me.″ I am willing to bet that you are on their list, Obama!

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The press conference itself was less than informative. We do know, based on a previous speech, that Obama intends to raise taxes and siphon another $1.6 Trillion dollars out of the private sector to pay for his Marxist agenda. On Tuesday, he met with his pals from the unions and the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress and Mind you, the last time the debt limit was discussed, the talks fell apart when only $800 Billion in new revenue was on the table. With the fiscal cliff looming, just 47 days away, a negotiated solution seems improbable.

Back to Susan Rice, her name had begun to be floated as a replacement for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the weekend. The Barack Obama press conference yesterday confirms that the White House may very well submit her name for nomination. Before our ambassador to the United Nations name came up, John Kerry was considered a front runner for taking over the State Department. Republican senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain vow to block Rice being promoted, namely for her role in the Benghazi Gate matter. On September 16, Rice appeared on five Sunday morning talk shows and repeated the convoluted story about the terrorist attack on our consulate in Libya being the result of a flash-mob angry over a stupid You-Tube video which hardly anyone had seen.