National Geographic TV aired the first two episodes of Season 2 of Doomsday Preppers last night. The wildly popular series returns with more stories of real people worried about real disasters. The premier took us into the homes and lives of several families preparing for various doomsday scenarios. Not a bad idea since Barack Hussein Obama was reelected! In some respects, NatGeo TV has taken on the appearance of a Glenn Beck show, complete with a new advertiser pushing shelf-stable, survival food and even a sweepstakes to win prepper supplies and equipment!

doomsday preppers season 2
Doomsday Preppers are just regular folks who are ready for anything! Image Credit: National Geographic.

The format is the same as Season 1, with each episode featuring three people or families preparing for ′The End of the World as We Know It′, or TEOTWAWKI. They come in all sizes and age groups, ranging from a pair of retirees who fled Florida for West Texas to avoid rising sea levels to a 15-year old boy who thinks anarchy is coming once our financial system collapses. In between, we have a couple who are now divorcing, fighting in court for possession of their prepper gear to survive F-5 tornadoes and the obligatory Mormon family of eight who think Utah may get attacked by terrorists armed with small pox. Yeah, I can see THAT happening!

What is new this season is a scoring system where each prepper is rated on their food, water, shelter, and security preps, as well as what is called, ′The X-Factor′, that individual, unknown quality that could give one an edge. The scoring is done by the show′s prepper experts and the result is in terms of how many months the preppers might survive on their own. The better preppers last night scored in the high 60s to low 70s out of a possible 100 points, which gives them the security of maybe lasting a full year. The worst score was Jason, the 15-year old prepper, who only got a 50, and was disappointed that the experts think he may only last 4 months on his own.

So grab your guns and ′bug-out-bag′, Season 2 of Doomsday Preppers is on NatGeo TV! The successful series has returned with its premier last night on the National Geographic network. The show features various Americans who are preparing for doomsday, the end of the world, or at least surviving some major natural or man-made disaster. Everybody should have a plan and the essentials to survive a minimum of three days. If Hurricane Sandy is a lesson, then think a month as your minimum.