Now that the elections are over, the question is how do we survive 4 more years of Barack Obama? Is it time to bandit up to the hills or buy an old freighter for ′sea-steading′ purposes? Should we all roll up to the bar and get our fair share of food stamps, Obama-phones and other goodies to help crash the system? Businesses all across America are already laying off workers to avoid ObamaCare and other new taxes and regulations. Gun sales are way up, too, as people worry about the potential fiscal disaster we face which would spark mob violence and civil unrest. The grim facts are piling up fast!

surviving obama

Let us first examine the extremes. To start with, we could take solace in that the Mayans may be right! The whole world could come to an end in a few weeks on December 22, 2012 so Obama does not matter at all. Or, if you are a Christian, you may consider the reelection of Obama as a sign that we are indeed in the period of Tribulation. The seven years mentioned in the Book of Revelations paving the way for the return of Jesus Christ. Now, mind you, I am not saying that Obama is the Anti-Christ. Nor is he Satan. Either Satan or the Anti-Christ would at the very least be impressive figures, even if they are the embodiment of Evil. Obama is about as impressive as a pimple on a pig′s butt. However, if Obama′s reelection is a sign of the Tribulation, then that is a good thing for what could possibly be better than the return of Jesus?

On the other hand, Obama′s reelection could reveal the regrettable truth that America has become an Idiocracy. A nation motivated by entitlements and handouts more so than hard work and enterprise. The Obama campaign was based totally on lies and the politics of personal destruction offering no plan for its second term. The only time Obama went on the record about what he intended to do was during his interview with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register newspaper and that was under the condition that they not publish the account until AFTER the election! Item Number One, Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants!

I wrote last week that Obama′s reelection means that the era of the American Century is now officially over. That we are no longer the world′s only super power but instead, a second-rate power not unlike the UK, Russia or China. Even that status may not last long as we plunge into a deeper financial crisis as Obama continues to spend money we do not have on generally stupid things like windmills and robotic squirrels. Already we are seeing rumblings from the MidEast as the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran threaten our way of life, ready to pounce upon us at any time to impose Sharia Law here.

Naturally, Obama will insist that Sharia Law booklets be bilingual or multilingual since fewer Americans will be able to read or speak English. How long will it be before our currency, and food stamps, be English on one side and Spanish on the other? The only good news is that now with Obama being reelected, Planned Parenthood will be able to perform even more abortions in the Black and Hispanic communities than they have been through the past 80 years or so.

No, I′m not bitter. Clinging to my gun and Bible, yes, but bitter, No! In many ways I am looking forward to the New Normal as the nation is dragged through the mud by Obama. If we truly have become an Idiocracy, then there really is only one hope, a total collapse followed by a culling. On the other hand, another couple of years of Obama may awaken more Americans to the folly of Socialism. If so, then there may still be hope to turn the ship around before it sinks.