Washington, DC will be a slightly less wondrous vision next January. Oh, the Capitol and the White House will still grace Pennsylvania Avenue; the Washington Monument will continue to look as if it is piercing the heavens; the Vietnam Memorial will still bring many of us of a certain generation to tears with its wall of names. But Mary Bono Mack will be gone.

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Mary Bono is likely the loveliest woman to ever be elected to the House of Representatives. She was married to Sonny Bono; when he died in a skiing accident in 1998, she was elected in a special election to replace him. Her district steadily became more Democratic, and last week, she lost her bid for re-election.

This year, Bono Mack decided to help her husband Connie Mack win a Florida Senate seat in his race against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. It turned out to be a quixotic quest. In the meantime, the challenger for her own California House seat made a point of campaigning against her because she was spending all of her time in Florida. So she gave up her Congressional seat for love.

Do not give up hope, fellow C-SPAN devotees. There is a rumor that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2014 may be challenged by Ashley Judd. Talk about the tortoise and the babe.