When I′m right, I′m right! Based on the voting results of the Michigan ballot proposals for 2012, my article from a couple weeks ago was proved correct. Had Mitt Romney and the GOP Establishment made a serious effort in Michigan, they could have won it. Not only winning the state′s 16 Electoral College votes for Romney, but also to help Pete Hoekstra defeat our clown-faced senator, Debbie Stabenow. Case in point; Ballot Proposal 2 was a pro-union amendment to our state′s constitution that would have ensured collective bargaining for public union employees, as well as making it more difficult to fire or discipline union members for improper behavior. The measure was one of several constitutional amendments that were tailor-made for Republicans to campaign on. The vote totals show that some 500,000 more people cast ballots on Proposal 2 than voting for any presidential candidate! The pro-union amendment was defeated by a margin of 58% to 42%.

why mitt romney lost

Those could have been Romney′s and Hoekstra′s winning percentages, too, had the GOP Establishment done their homework. Instead, very little national money was spent here and none of the candidates publicly endorsed or opposed the ballot proposals. There was a very good campaign run to defeat them, led by Americans for Prosperity, the Super PAC funded by the marvelous Koch Brothers. I′m still getting ads in the mail days after the election about defeating these measures.

I bring this up because of the noises we are hearing from inside the Beltway, encouraging the GOP to cave-in on immigration. Cave-in of tax rates. Cave-in on spending cuts. Cave-in on budget deficits. Cave-in on debt limits. Cave-in on health care. Cave-in on abortion. Cave-in on same-sex marriage. Cave-in on the Constitution! That all the GOP has to do is cave-in on valued principles and act like Democrats, lying and pandering, playing Robin Hood, and we will be loved by all and win elections.

This is nonsense! If the reason Romney lost was solely because of the changing demographics, or because of the Democrats playing ′Santa Claus′ to the growing dependency class, then ′The Game′ is over and the nation is already lost. I refuse to accept that! Perhaps, just perhaps, the real reason is the one I have mentioned often back during the primaries. Mitt Romney was the wrong candidate, a bad candidate. Michigan, one of his ′home states′ as he was born here, could have been competitive. But Romney had not been back in Michigan following his Ford Stadium appearance which was not only poorly organized (with 90% of the seats empty) but also his speech was a joke!

Oh, I like cars! Cars from Detroit are great! My wife drives two Cadillacs! And the trees here in Michigan, I really like them. They are just the right height. ARGH! What the heck was that speech all about? Maybe I am wrong! Maybe no amount of money or campaigning could have put Michigan in Romney′s pocket? Maybe we couldn′t fill the king-size hole in Mitt′s head with the entire state? Maybe, just maybe, Romney had no chance of winning irregardless of demographics or issues? Not only could he not even get the same amount of voters in general that John McCain did in 2008, but Romney could not even match McCain′s numbers of the Mormon vote! What does that tell us?

What it tells us is that the Beltway Bozos who rammed Romney down our throats during the primaries are the ones to blame for Obama winning a second term. That their new ideas for saving the GOP by pandering to demographic groups means trotting out Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, which will also result in failure. Beware as they plot to modify the Republican primary system, to make it more open, more ′mainstream′, which translates to making it more likely to nominate liars and fools that the idiots can relate to. Is that what we want in our ′Big Tent′, a mob of idiots?