Will marijuana tourism begin now after the passage of the pot ballots by voters in Colorado and Washington state, legalizing the recreational use for adults 21 and over? Jennifer Rudolph of the Colorado Ski Country USA is watching what happens next before giving the ′green′ light. While the idea of skiing by day and bonging by night dances in the minds of potential vacationers, there is still that nasty Federal drug law to contend with. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is already trying to get a sign from Eric Holder and the Justice Department before moving forward. Meanwhile, in Washington state, two county prosecutors, Dan Satterburg of King County and Mark Lindquist of Pierce County, are already dropping hundreds of marijuana possession cases pending in the courts. So were Tuesday election results legalizing marijuana use the first step towards a nationwide reform? Or are we all just stoned?

marijuana tourism

Ah, the sweet smell of success! You have to admit that it is ′high time′ for a change in our laws concerning marijuana use by adults. Already many states have adopted laws permitting its use for medical purposes. In most cases, this is simply a ruse where people obtain prescriptions from doctors who are connected to marijuana dispensaries. Got a hang nail, a headache, a stuffy nose? Get a script! Too much anxiety from work related stress? No problem, just light up!

True, many people with real ailments who actually do get a medical benefit from marijuana use are now better off. But we know that in most cases, the whole thing is a sham. But now, Colorado and Washington state have stepped into the daylight and removed the hypocrisy. The new laws approved by a majority of the voters allows not only for adults 21 and older to use marijuana for recreational purposes, but also to grow their own.

Since both states went for Obama in the general election, we might also conclude that they know full well that the only way to get through the next four years without going stark raving mad is to get high and stay high. Plus, as many companies are already laying off employees and freezing future hiring due to Obama′s reelection, a new pot industry might be the only jobs available in the New Normal.

I say let marijuana tourism begin! Green jobs for greenbacks! Cash is king and weed is the thing! Hopefully, Gov. John Hickenlooper will be able to convince Eric Holder and the Justice Department to let the Federal drug law on marijuana slide. Kudos to Dan Satterberg and Mark Linquist for leading the way of local county prosecutors in dropping cases that needlessly tie up the courts. Jennifer Rudolph of Colorado Ski Country USA is watching how the new law shakes out. From ski slopes to bongs full of dope, a whole new industry could be born.